Civil War Study with All American History

We have been keeping busy with our history review these last two weeks. Remember I told you we were starting All American History  with Moe Man? Well,  we   have had so much fun that I had to share an update with you!

All American History

All American History Vol 2 is a wonderful program that we are using for our American History Credit for High School this year. We have been looking for something that would be a great fit for both mom and kid, and we have found it! Moe Man loves his history, and most of the programs I looked at just didn't quite seem to have him interacting as much as I wanted to be. Even though he is working on high school credit, I want him having fun while he is doing it!

These last two weeks we have continued our studies of the Civil War. We learned even more about the Confederate and the Union states. I love the fact that the worksheets use different elements of learning. While learning about the different sides of this war, we are able to color our map and have that visual of who is going again who. Not only does this help us see where the war is happening, but Moe Man can learn more about where the states are located. I get to get an idea of where he is at in preparation for our Geography studies in the future.

All American History Vol 2

So, here we are. We are not just filling the blanks, or picking a letter. We are filling out our maps. Seeing where exactly everything is happening. But that is not all. With our studies in All American History Vol 2, we are given different topics to dig further into during each lesson. We can pick one, two, three or all four. Each one of these Further Study questions makes Moe Man leave the textbook and look somewhere else for the answer. We have some good reference books at home and in our library, but he is also learning about the joys of Google, and reliable online sources. This puts the learning in his hands and he is able to have fun with this.

Further Study

When we started AAH2, we had not yet memorized the presidents up to this point in history. I found this idea in our Project Possibilities, and have had fun watching, and learning with, Moe Man. As we learn a new president we are able to add his picture to the wall.

Project Possibilites

Speaking of the wall, our timeline has grown! We wanted to do a wall timeline, but didn't know where to put it. We have our schoolroom that has been doubling as dad's office, but we are running out of room. Moe Man might love history, but not enough to have a timeline in his room! So, we are taking our timeline to a notebook. This "traveling timeline" has been a great way to see our way through history. I have a nice list of people, places and events in my teacher's guide for each unit. This makes it easy for me to know who to look for and where abouts they should go when we put them "on the line".


And I can't leave this week without telling you more about my teacher's guide. This book has everything I need to feel confident enough to teach this course. Not only do I have the resources for what to learn, I have weekly checklists. This simple little checklist shows me what we can do for each lesson. With this I know what to make sure is done and what to add when I plan out my week. This is awesome when you are homeschooling one, two, three or three and a half kids! Not only do I have an awesome set up for a plan, but I have some really simple answer keys! Now you can have answer keys, or you can have an answer key that is a mini picture of the actual worksheet with the answers written in for you. This is so much easier than trying to follow a number or a follow a line. I actually love correcting these worksheets due to the lack of confusion!

Teachers guide AAH2

Now, before I write a book…haha, can you tell that I love this curriculum? I have to go and help Moe Man with his biography of our 16th president. Who knows who that is?? I will be back to tell you more. Ask me any questions and I will find an awesome answer for you!


God Bless!!



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