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Welcome back! We are on to another week of Blogging Through the Alphabet. I am glad to be here with my co-hosts. If you have a chance, stop by and say hi to all of them:

This week, we are on the Letter C. For this week, I want to talk a little about another one of my favorite essential oils from doTERRA, ClaryCalm. ClaryCalm is an oil that is just for women, and it is one that I have lived without for far too long. Once I got my first bottle, I wondered how I could have gone so long without it!

ClaryCalm includes a blend of Clary Sage, Lavender, Bergamot, Roman Chamoline, Ylang Ylang, Cedarwood, Geranium, Fennel, and Carrot seed oils. These oils work together to help provide a soothing and calming effect during a woman’s menstrual cycle. This is one of the best oils for your worst week, period!

So, how do I use this oil? It comes in a roller bottle format, already for me to apply topically. When I notice that my mood is not quite right, I apply. When I feel the need, I roll it on my abdomen for the soothing and calming massage it gives me. And most days, during THAT week, I will be seen sniffing the bottle just because the scent calms me.

After getting my first bottle of ClaryCalm, I am surprised that I went years without this oil! This has been one that I crave, one that I know that I need, and one that I know I need once a month. If you suffer from this once a month weekly issue, ClaryCalm is an oil you want to have on hand to help you with these issues that arise.

If you want to know more about ClaryCalm and how to get it at wholesale cost vs. retail cost, send me an email at hopkinshomeschool(at)gmail(dot)com. I would be happy to help you get this oil in your house!

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