Creative Writing – A Review

I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

Writing is critical in the house. Finding an excellent program to help spark creativity in writing is not always easy. Creative Word Studio has given Little Miss a great start on being creative with Sparkling Bits of Writing Book 1.

What Is It

Sparkling Bits of Writing Book 1 is a spiral-bound workbook with 75 lessons. This is not a complete language arts curriculum; instead, this is a resource for extra practice. Book 1 is recommended for grades 5-6, and Book 2 is recommended for grades 7-8.

There are three different types of lessons that rotate through the 75 lessons. The Free Writing lessons are just that. There is a starter question or topic to get the student going on the writing. They are not left to figure it out.

Reading Response lessons start with a reading passage for the student to read. The passage is usually about one page long. After the student reads the passage, they answer about four questions about the passage.

Mini Writing Lessons are the final type of lesson. These are the lessons that have your student trying new things in terms of writing. They vary in different styles to help with varying styles of writing. Some of the Mini Writing lessons will be marked with a symbol meaning they are a gold piece.

A gold piece lesson is a lesson that the writing will be edited and rewritten. These will also be the lessons that will be graded. There is a grading chart at the back of the book to help with grading these lessons.

How We Used It

Little Miss is in the 4th grade this year. While Book 1 is recommended for grades 5-6, I wanted to have her try this. She did not have an issue, and I am glad we went with this book for her. We have been adding Sparkling Bits of Writing in with her current language arts curriculum on average three days a week.

For most of the lessons in the workbook, she can complete them on her own without a lot of help from me. I am available to help her when she needs it, but I love seeing her take the workbook and walk away to complete the assignment. There are a few lessons that allow working together with a friend. When these lessons come up, I allow her to pick someone in the house to work with. She has fun picking different people depending on the assignment.

What We Thought Of It

I love the simplicity of this workbook. It is open and go. Little Miss has not struggled with this at all. It has added a lot to our current language arts curriculum without being too overwhelming. The lessons don’t take too long to complete, but they are complete in what they are teaching. 

We enjoyed that each lesson was different in style from the previous one. Having them change up styles made the lessons fun and not monotonous to complete. This is an issue that Little Miss struggles with. She likes things to be different, and Sparkling Bits of Writing has done that for her.

We would recommend that every family use Sparkling Bits of Writing in conjunction with their current language arts curriculum to help with creative writing. You can find out more about how this works with other families and more about Book 2 by reading the other reviews right here.

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