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I don’t like math. It’s too hard. I don’t understand it. Do these all sound familiar in your house? What if you could use a program that allowed your child to continue working on the problems until they got a correct answer? A program where they could pause the teacher, or rewind him to help them understand the lesson? If this sounds good, you need to check out our review of CTC Math and their 12 Month Family Plan.

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What It Is

CTC Math is an online math program for kindergarten up to the high school grades, Calculus, Geometry, and Trigonometry. The program includes a video lesson that lasts about 5 minutes and as many work problems as your child needs to obtain a passing grade.

How It Works

This program requires very little planning on the parents part. You can decide what lessons you want your child to learn each day, or you can let them work their way through each grade level at their own pace and following their own interest.

From the parents section, you will be able to watch the progress of your child. You will be able to see what areas they have completed, what their grades were for that area and their overall average for the grade level. You are able to see if there are any areas where your child needs help, or if they need to go back and redo a lesson because of a low grade.

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Each child has their own log in information. Once logged in, they are able to choose the grade level they want to work on. After picking their grade, they will choose which stream they are going into. This is usually divided into sections like Number, Pattern, and Algebra and Measurement, etc. Finally, after picking the stream, they will choose what topic they are working on.

Once they are into the topic they want to learn for the day, your child will watch the video lesson and when they are ready, they will move on to the practice problems. After they are done with the problems, they will receive their grade. This will show them what problems they got wrong, what the correct answer was and their overall score for the lesson. If they, or you are not happy with the grade, they are able to do a new set of problems. Once they are done, they will receive an overall average score for the last three attempts at the lesson. And there is math for the day!

How We Used It

We used CTC for our math for both boys. They would each be able to log in and do their lessons from the computer and mom could help as needed, but be able to help the other kids too. This made it easier for me, knowing they were learning, even if I wasn’t doing the teaching.

Moe Man would be required to do 3 passing lessons a day. I would not tell him what to do, or what order to do them in. I noticed that once I left control to him and once I required 3 passing lessons for him to be done with math, he slowed down, paid attention and got good scores. If given the chance to just “do it” he would speed through to get it done. But knowing that there is an unlimited number of problems and I expected him to work on it until he got it, changed his speed.

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Ray Ray also used CTC Math. He is my math lover, so he was always aiming for perfects. This is the kid that would do a passing lesson over and over until it was a perfect score. For him, I had to give rewards for completing full topics. I would ask that each lesson be “in the green” which shows a passing grade, and he would get a prize from our prize box each time a topic was completed. This worked for him, and kept him working not just trying for perfects.

Along with their daily lessons, I would have Moe Man work on the Speed Drills that are listed at the bottom of the student pages. These would help him strive for memorizing his facts (something he has a hard time doing). This was his favorite part of the whole math day, and I loved to see him competing against himself to get a better score than last time.

What We Thought of CTC Math

CTC Math is one of our favorite math programs. Moe Man loved being in charge of what he was learning in math. Since he doesn’t like math at all, giving him that control worked! I watched him actually trying in math instead of not wanting to do anything and fighting me. I don’t remember the last time we had a fight over math.

Moe Man still has some trouble spots, and with only 5 minutes of lessons, it is hard for him to grasp that concept. I wish there was a way to have additional information available for these cases, maybe links to sample problems or links to more information on the topic. There is a search option, and it does bring you to other lessons within the whole program, but this just wasn’t enough for Moe Man.

Ray Ray loved CTC Math! He would aim to complete as much as he could before mom made him turn it off. I loved knowing that he could work as much as he wanted and I would not have to buy a new curriculum half way through the year, he could just move on to the next grade.

I love CTC Math for the ease on my part. I knew I could just write CTC on the schedule and the kids would know what to do. I didn’t have to plan out worksheets, or teach lessons, I just had to let them go and let them learn!

If you have an overachiever, a struggling student or just a homeschool child who needs math, I suggest you take a look at CTC Math, sign up for the free trial and see what you think!

CTCmath Review

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