Daily 6-Trait Writing ~ A Review

Writing, it is something that is especially important, but yet hard to teach at the same time. Ray Ray loves to come up with stories, but taking the time to sit down and write them is a whole other feat. When we were given the chance to review Daily 6-Trait Writing, Grade 2 from Timberdoodle's 2nd Grade Curriculum Kit, we figured it wouldn't hurt to try it out.

Daily 6-Trait Writing, Grade 2

What Is It

Daily 6-Trait Writing, is a daily writing program that will work with your kids on a daily basis to build their writing skills using the 6-Traits. What are the 6-Traits of writing? They are; Ideas, Organization, Word Choice, Sentence Fluency, Voice, and Conventions. Each of the six units will take the time to teach each of these traits.

There are 25 weeks of 125 daily lessons. These lessons cover all the traits and work to make your child a better writer and only take about 15 minutes each day. Each week, you will first see the teacher pages. On these pages you will see the Trait Skill that is being worked on that week. You have the lesson plan to help you teach the lesson to your child. You have reduced pages of what your child will see along with sample answers.

Daily Writing Review

Days 1-3 will work on using models to analyze, revise or add to. This is a great way to introduce the new ideas to your child and make sure they understand them. Day 4 is a prewriting activity that will get your child ready for the writing activity on Day 5. These lessons are short and simple and work well with any language arts program that you may already be using.

How We Used It

We were able to use this program while still using our current language arts curriculum. I loved being able to use this before our regular lessons as a way to warm up. We would talk about the lesson and get started on it right away on Monday. Most of the time Ray Ray would be able to do his lesson on his own and I would just check it after he was done.

Daily Writing

What We Thought

This was a great workbook. While I don't agree that the traits will tell you whether or not your child is a strong writer, I do believe that these are needed to write well. Ray Ray loves how quick these writing lessons are. He does not care about writing, yet I have seen him grow as a writing with these short lessons. I loved that I didn't need to plan, it was an open and go book. This made it easy for a homeschool mom of 3 with a 4 running at our feet! Ray Ray was able to open this in the morning while I was busy with breakfast. This is an added bonus to me!

Ray Ray with Daily Writing

We loved adding this book into our daily homeschool schedule. It did not take up too much time and fit perfect into everything else we were already learning. I love finding things that add learning without stress and this book does just that!

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