Daily Bible Jigsaw ~ A Homeschool Crew Review

Our family loves jigsaw puzzles, but finding a new one every day and not just any old puzzle, but a Daily Bible Jigsaw from Planet 316, has made spending time in the bible and relaxing a little more fun.

Daily Bible Jigsaw is an online jigsaw puzzle app that is family appropriate. You can find this app for your Android devices in the Google Play Store, iOS devices in the Apple App Store, on Facebook with Mac or Pc (Chrome and Fire Fox work best) and in the new Facebook Gameroom.

There are no requirements for this. Hop on, solve the puzzle and enjoy the bible verse at the end. If you want to, take it a step farther and find that verse and use it as your bible study for the day. This is what I found to be of great use for me!

Each day I would hop on, I had this on my iPad, with 500 coins (value $39.99) given to me to review all the aspects of the app, and work on solving the puzzle. I loved trying to solve them with no help, but my time was not as great as it could have been. There are tools to help you with that, if you want to use them.

There are 5 tools to help you with the process of putting the puzzle together. These include:

  • Rotate
  • Sweep
  • Guide
  • Magnet
  • Edges

Of these, rotate, sweep and edges are my favorite. These tools do require the use of coins for them to work, and they make the process of putting the puzzles together much faster, especially if you are competing times with your friends on Facebook.

Rotate simply rotates all your pieces to the way they need to be to complete the puzzle, Sweep, will move them all off the puzzle board, so you won't lose any under the puzzle as you are putting it together. Edges, well that one is easy, it shows you just the edges first. Magnet is a tool that will attract a piece to where it belongs and guide gives you a glimpse of the final picture, like looking at the back of the box.

When you connect your account on Facebook, you can:

  • Challenge your friends
  • See the high scores
  • Play a weekly tourney
  • Share the puzzle pictures and sayings.

I did not connect on Facebook, but with these fun things, I may have to, eventually.

I really enjoyed being able to sit down once a day and do an uplifting puzzle, either to start or end my day. There is a nice calming music that plays in the background, unless you are like me and you hide the game from the kids, so you are always turning it down!

Since this is a daily puzzle, you have access to the puzzle of the day for that day only. Once you move into the next day, you have to use coins to fill in your missing days on the monthly calendar. This didn't happen often, but I love having everything complete, so this was one of those things.

And yes, even though I wanted to keep this for myself, I shared it with the kids. This was just as fun for them as it was for me. Giving them access to the coins was a no go, this momma wanted to keep them for herself!

If you are busy looking for a fun puzzle app that brings the bible to you, look no further! Don't take my word for it, there are plenty of other reviews from other Crew Members right here for you:

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