Daily Geography ~ A Review

What can you learn in 15 minutes a day? Well, if you are using Evan Moore's Daily Geography, Grade 2 from Timberdoodle's 2nd Grade Curriculum Kit you can learn a lot in just 15 minutes a day!

Daily Geography

What It It

This is a simple workbook that includes 36 weekly lessons. Each of these lessons include a teacher resource page that will guide you in teaching the lesson to your children. There is an answer key that you can use to check the work after each day. The lessons also include geography vocabulary, a reproducible map, two questions to work on each day and a challenge question at the end of the week.

Daily Geography

Within the 6 units, we get to learn about The World in Spatial Terms, Places and Regions, Physical Systems, Human Systems, Environment and Society and The Uses of Geography. With these 6 units you are able to cover the National Geography Standards (whether or not you pay attention to these, you are able to cover them).

How We Used It

We used this with Ray Ray for his Geography lessons. I did not add anything extra at this point as I just wanted to introduce him to the topic. Every Monday we would get a new map to look at and new Vocabulary to learn about. After talking about the vocabulary and the map, we would start our first questions of the week. These questions were simple enough, yet they were effective at teaching the new topics.

Daily Geography Review

After introducing the map and the vocabulary to Ray Ray, I was able to let him have control of his week. He knew what needed to be done each day by looking at the simple layout of the questions. The questions were able to pull the child into looking at the maps without discouraging them by super tough questions. Even the challenge question at the end of the week was simple and fun.

What We Thought Of It

We loved this book. I am not one to worry about the standards, so I didn't pay attention to these minor details. I do know that I want Ray Ray to be able to read map, and this book helped with that. I loved how easy it was for me to teach this to Ray Ray and how simple this book was laid out. I did not like how the answers were right there on the page that was opposite of the map that Ray Ray had to use daily. While he knows not to cheat, the temptation was there, all the time. I had to fold the page in half to remove that temptation, or photocopy the map so that he didn't have to flip back and forth. I woluld have loved to see the answers on a different page, or at the back of the book.

Daily Geography

While using this book, we were able to learn a lot about geography and maps. This is something that we needed, and it worked for us! Ray Ray loved that it wasn't drawn out and overdone, and I loved that he didn't fight me the whole way. This is a book that we will continue to use for the rest of his 2nd grade year and I look forward to using the 3rd grade one next year!

Don't have a 2nd grader but still want to use this? That is fine! This Series is available for grades 1-6!

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