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Do you have a history loving child? How about a visual learner? Do you need a history course for high school? If you answered yes to any of these than you need to check out Dave Raymond’s American History by Roman Roads Media.

What Is It

Dave Raymond’s American History is a set of 8 DVDs with 26 Lessons, a Student Reader, and Teacher’s Guide. With the full American History set, you have a full 1 High School History Credit and nothing more is needed to complete a full year of American History with a Christian Worldview added in.

The Student Reader and Teacher’s Guide can be printed in PDF format, or viewed digitally via mobi and ePub formats. The DVDs work on my media player on the computer or in our BluRay/DVD player with no problems on either one.

Although no other major supplies are needed for the curriculum itself, you do have a portfolio project where you will want to invest in a three ring binder with page protectors or a sketch book with durable pages. And your art supplies as well. There are other projects and assignments throughout the course as well that will have you use the internet or your library for research.

How Did We Use American History

Dave Raymond has taken a subject and brought it to life for my son. Each of the 26 lessons is split into 5 sub-sections, making each lesson last about a week. The daily lectures average about 10 minutes per day.

We would sit down and read the Student Reader to start the lesson off. We would then have an idea of what we would be learning and know what to look for to answer the question asked in the student reader. I would help Moe Man take notes during the lecture and then we would go over the question to make sure he understood the main concept. After taking notes we would either take our favorite part of the lesson or the question (depending on how in depth it was) and make a notebooking page to add into our yearly portfolio.

Right now, we are in the middle of our fun map project. So after finishing the lecture and notebooking page, we will add a little more to our map. Although we are notebooking, you are able to decide whatever you want to do for your portfolio page. If your child likes notes, go for it. If they love to draw, let them draw. The portfolio is their way of sharing and remembering what they are learning.

Since Dave Raymond’s American History is for grades 6 all the way up to high school, I am picking and choosing some of the questions and projects that seem too intense for Moe Man at this time and skipping them. We have not missed out on anything from doing this, and Moe Man still loves the program.


Our Opinion

We have found our American History Course for the year! And I have a feeling we will reuse it again when Moe Man is older and do some of the items we are skipping this time around. When I asked Moe Man what he like about the program he said all of it. He loves having the video lectures to help him understand the reading, and he loves that there are projects to work on while doing the lessons. I love that everything is planned out for me. I will add some things and omit some, but that is homeschooling at its finest. I haven’t actually taken anything out yet, but I know there may be something…

Moe Man did not like the weekly tests or questions. But he doesn’t like tests or questions period. I did notice some were too advanced for him, but we tried our best and worked on them together. Other than that, we didn’t find anything to complain about.

For a full year of High School American History, the price of $75 per semester ($150 for the full year) seems kinda steep. However, after a week using the program, I would change my mind and say it is worth it. You have someone who is taking their time to record the lectures for your kids and actually speak to them in the lectures. Than you add in the fact that you have the lessons and projects planned out for you and you have the teacher guide and student reader…the price is truly worth it!

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3 Replies to “Dave Raymond’s American History ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review”

  1. Hi!
    I have this curriculum and plan to use it…in some way, shape, or form 🙂
    We are trying to do a more interest-led program this year for high school…I found a fantastic curriculum called Far Above Rubies that gives the child an absolute TON of choices for completing coursework.
    Anyway, I am thinking about using just the videos in this series. Will we get a lot out of just the videos? Or do we NEED the readings to fully understand what he’s talking about? I plan to supplement the videos with projects and other assignments that she gets to choose from, rather than giving her a list of readings/questions for each chapter or assigned projects throughout the course. Any thoughts?

    1. The videos were great! We loved them. I am a planner, so having the lesson options available was great for me. The resources they provide are great and really compliment the videos. The joy of homeschooling is knowing that you can pick what is best for your child since you know them best.

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