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Airplanes, we see them all the time in the air above us. They are fascinating just because of their size and the fact that they can fly! But how? Doctor Aviation is there to help you learn about this and more Aviation Education!

Aviation History

Moe Man and Daddy are fans of aircrafts. They both love them and spend time studying them, whether watching them fly over the house, or reading up about them on internet. When we found out about Doctor Aviation, we were excited to give them the chance to learn about them in a new way, and give Moe Man some high school credits at the same time!

Aviation History

This course is broken down into 15 video lessons that range in time from 45-50 minutes. Each one is broken down into 3 different segments, Technical Trivia, Notable Innovators and Legendary Aircraft/Events. Each of these segments can be watched on a different day, making one video lesson able to last a whole week.

With each lesson, there is a Guided Notes that you are able to print up. Your child is able to fill this in as they watch the videos. These are helpful if you plan to use this course for a credit for your child. You just need to ask for the answer key and the exams. Twice you will find help in studying for the exam, first in lesson 3 and second in lesson 14. Each of these is a little different, but just what your child will need to be ready in my opinion.

The videos are the main component of this course, but you are also extra resources in the Learn More section at the end of each lesson. If you want your child to have grasp of what they are learning, this is a great way to do this.

Aviation History

Moe Man and Daddy were the ones to use this the most. However, Baby Girl wanted in on the fun some days, so I loved that I could let her watch and not have to worry. She didn’t watch everything like the boys did, but she did love spending time watching some when she was bored and wanted something fun to watch.

We had decided on one lesson per week, splitting them up into three days during the week. I let Moe Man and Daddy figure out what days each week they wanted to watch the videos, but I made sure to check in and see that they had gone through the lesson each week. Some weeks, they watched the whole lesson in one sitting versus the 3, and I am find with that! While both of them were watching the videos, Moe Man was the only one who had to fill out the guided notes. I did notice that Daddy loved to help when Moe Man missed something.

While we have not made it to the end of the course yet, we do plan to have Moe Man take the final exam and use this for an elective credit on his high school diploma. He gets to learn about something we love, and I get to give him a credit for it! Talk about Win-Win!

Aviation History

I love how this course is set up. I love how simple the guided notes are, yet they are filled with all the information that is needed to remember and/or study for the final exam. There are no hard to find answers, which is a plus for a learning like Moe Man with ADHD. While the videos are full of information, I really wish that Doctor Aviation would move around the plane that he is always seen standing next to. The added pictures, graphs, and video clips make the videos fun, but I feel the boys would be more interested if the host would move around and use the plane to help them learn more.

The amount of information that is presented is wonderful and both Moe Man and Daddy love what they are learning. They don’t need my help as everything is ready for them when they log in. As they complete each lesson they mark it completed and the dashboard will have the next one ready for them when they log in again. They are excited to learn more and enjoying themselves!

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