Dory Fantasmagory Tiny Tough – A Book Review

My kids love books. That is no surprise. They love all kinds of books. Recently it was Talk Like a Pirate Day, and we had a lot of fun at our local library going on a hunt for doublins and taking Pirate selfies. It was no surprise they fell in love with Dory Fantasmagory Tiny Tough as soon as we got our hands on it.

Dory Fantasmagory Tiny Tough Book Review

“The fifth adventure in the enormously popular Dory Fantasmagory series takes on the tried-and-true theme of childhood friendships, and turns it on its head, Dory-style.

When her big sister Violet has friend trouble at school, Dory tries to come to her rescue. But Dory’s active imagination takes over, and she is sure that Violet’s lost treasure (a friendship bracelet) has something to do with pirates. In search of the treasure, Dory meets up with a real pirate crew and finds that a pirate’s life is harder than she thought. At sea, Dory longs for her imaginary friend Mary. But Mary has gone off with an exciting new friend of her own and Dory is crushed with jealousy. Just when things can’t get any worse, Dory’s old enemy, Mrs. Gobble Gracker shows up and Dory’s ocean adventure takes a surprising turn.

There’s a ton of treasure in Dory’s fifth adventure as Dory mixes in pirates, pals (real and make-believe), and her own imagination into one wild and wet free-for-all.”

This cute little chapter book is recommended for ages 6-8. Each page has cute little drawings that go with the words on the page. While the cover is a beautiful color picture, the inside is just black and white, which keeps the distractions to a minimum.

Dory Fantasmagory Book Review

Little Miss is 8 now, and just getting into chapter books. She has fallen in love with this book. Now she wants me to get the first 4 in the series for her to read. She loves that the pages are simple to read. The words are not too big or too small for her reading level.

The storyline is a great one for kids of this age. We see how Dory can be picked on by her older siblings when she is the annoying little sister. At the same time, they can see how the family can pull together and have a great time also. I enjoyed sitting down on a lazy Sunday and reading the whole book in one day myself. It was funny, cute, and all over good.

This is a great book for kids that uses imagination and encourages your kids to do the same.

Dory Fantsmagory Tiny Tough Book Review

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