Dr Ransom’s Bestiary of Adorable Fallacies ~ Review and Giveaway

Logic, one of the hardest, yet most important parts of your child's education. How do you make it fun? How do you introduce fallacies without stressing out your child? What if you make them mythical beasts and have your child learn them the fun way?

Dr Ransoms Fallacies Giveaway

The Amazing Dr. Ransom's Bestiary of Adorable Fallacies is a great way to introduce logic without causing a lot of stress on your child. As a part of the 10th grade curriculum package at Timberdoodle, this book will be a great discussion piece as well as a great learning tool.

What Is It

This is Dr. Ransom's Field Guide for Clear Thinkers. A Field Guide? Yes, this is a guide to the reader to allow them to identify and exterminate 50 different fallacies. 50 fluffy and adorable fallacies will be introduced in the 300 pages of this soft cover book. There are two lesson plans in the back of the book that will allow you to cover all 50 of these fallacies in one semester (16 weeks) or a full year (32 weeks), including quizzes and tests available over at Cannon Press's website for free.

The Adorable Fallacy
The Adorable Fallacy

These 50 fallacies can be broken down into 4 Kingdoms; Fallacies of Distraction, Fallacies of Ambiguity, Fallacies of Form, and Millennial Fallacies. The reader, whether your child or yourself, will be introduced to these beasties, one per lesson. You will see a picture of the cuteness of the fallacy, with hopes of helping you remember them. After you have learned about the fallacy, you will see a picture of who they really are, and the not so cuteness of them.

The not so adorable fallacy
The not so adorable fallacy

At the end of each lesson, your child will be able to answer some discussion questions with you and write out their answers to 7 different exercises. These exercises will help your child identify the different fallacies in real life situations. When you add in the quizzes and tests, you take your knowledge of the fallacies to a whole new level, and mom (teacher) gets to see what you know!

How We Used It

We picked the one semester plan for our lesson plan with this book. Yes, it meant that Moe Man had to work a little faster, but I knew once he started reading the book that we would love it and have no issues. We followed this simple plan, and we learned the first 7 fallacies before we studied for the first quiz.

Moe Man would sit down each day, read his lesson and meet with me to go over the discussion questions. This would give me a chance to see what he had picked up on, and what needed some more discussing before he went on to the exercise questions. After the fun discussions, I sent Moe Man off to answer these simple 7 exercise questions. I would talk with him over the answers and make sure he was ready before we moved on to the next lesson the next day.

What We Thought

I loved this book. I couldn't wait to use it and loved reading it myself. The discussions and exercises were, in my mind well placed. They asked the right thing at the right time. The exercises were cute and I loved trying to figure out the fallacy with Moe Man and see if we could pick them out in real life situations.

An example of the exercises
An example of the exercises

Moe Man loved the stories. He loved how easy it was to read these stories, and how it did not feel like a lesson plan at all. He had a few troubles with the exercises. He wanted them to be questions instead of statements. With a little help from me, we were able to complete them without a problem though.

Overall, this is a book I will be keeping around for all my kids to use. These fallacies and the logic taught with them are, in my mind, a crucial part of our homeschool curriculum. This is information I want to arm my kids with and I am glad to have found it in such a fun and easy to understand format! If you are looking for a good logic curriculum for your child, I would recommend this one, and while you are at it, this is a great refresher for us parents and teachers out there!

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  1. I have been wondering what to use for logic.  It's been a neglected skill here.  This sounds very good.  Thanks for your review!


  2. My son does Lincoln Douglas debate which is logic based. This book would come in handy. We aren't currently using a curriculum for logic. I will definitely check out this book. Thanks!

  3. Ummm…. logic? That's a subject?!  LOL!  Guess I'll be checking into this!!

  4. So far we have used The Critical Thinking Company, we would love to try this one!

  5. I don't use anything for logic right now, and we need to! I'm looking for some curriculum to fill this need.

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