Draw and Learn Faces – A Review

This is a review post. I received this item in exchange for my honest review. Below you will find just that, my honest review.

Kids need to learn how to draw. They need the fine motor skills that come with holding a pencil and making a certain shape. This is the first step towards making them writers. How can you do this in a fun yet structured way? You can find a fun resource like Draw and Learn Faces!

Draw and Learn Faces

What Is It?

Draw and Learn Faces is a My First Activity Book. It can be found in the Timberdoodle Preschool Curriculum Kit. The pages of this book are full of colored pictures that are half way drawn, leaving pieces for kids to complete the rest.

There are no lesson plans, but like most books, you should use it from front to back. Your child will work on building upon the skills that have learned as they go through the book. The skills start with learning different eyes, nose and mouth shapes to draw, and from there they draw faces on many different objects.

Draw and Learn

While there are lots of guided pages of what to do, there are also some blank, free drawing pages to let the creative juices flow.

How Did We Use It?

I had Little Miss using this book. She loves to draw, but really fights me when it comes to handwriting. I figure I could build the skills for handwriting while still letting her enjoy the art of drawing. She loved drawing in the book and didn’t think it was too little for her at all.

I had no plans going into this. I wanted to get my hands on it and see what she thought of it before planning anything. Once I fell in love with it, I handed it over and she wanted to just draw non-stop. To make us both happy, we worked on a few pages each day.

There were no complicated instructions, so I was able to tell her what to do on each page and let her go. This also freed me up to help the big boys with their work for a few minutes.

Draw and Learn

What Did We Think Of It?

Little Miss didn’t want to stop drawing! She was thrilled to be able to have another drawing book, and this one was her favorite. She thought it was funny to draw faces on different pieces of fruit and objects such as plates or balloons. This helped to open her imagination when it comes to drawing.

The pages of the book are made of thicker paper, which prevents tearing. I love the amount of color on each page and the simple instructions. I also love that when working in the book, you can fold it flat on the table, this binding was awesome! It made for easier drawing.

Little Miss really enjoys this book, even though she is on the upper age range. Baby Girl is at the lower age of this book, was not quite ready for it. I see this being perfect for ages 4-6, unless your child is ready to draw at ages 2-3, then this would be a perfect starting point.

The Draw and Learn books also come in People, Animals and Places. We look forward to trying more of these fun books!

Have you ever tried the Draw and Learn series before? Which was your favorite?

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