Easy Grammar Grade 9 ~ A Review

When you homeschool, you find yourself being a grammar nazi more than you would like to admit. Even correcting grammar on social media with the local sheriff's office. Yes, I did do that and yes, they responded. Now, making sure your children understand the same concepts so you don't look silly…well, that is another story! When you use Easy Grammar Ultimate Series Grade 9, a part of the Timberdoodle 9th Grade Curriculum Kit, you find an easier way to teach and enforce this subject.

Easy Grammar Review

What Is It

Easy Grammar Ultimate Series Grade 9, is 180 daily lessons that cover numerous different grammar topics each day. Each lesson contains five different topics; Capitalization, Punctuation, 2 different Parts of Speech, and Sentence Combining. Each day your child will work on building on what they know and adding new things in a simple way.

Easy Grammar is what they call a teaching text. Your child will be introduced to concepts, they will build upon these concepts and will review these concepts throughout the book. Easy Grammar is a mastery style of learning. These lessons should only take about 10 minutes or less, but when used at the beginning of every Language Arts lessons, you will see great results.

Easy Grammar Review

How We Used It

We did just as we wanted with this book. I would make sure that Moe Man did this before he did any other language arts lessons. Knowing that his mind was ready, made me more relaxed going into the more difficult lessons we needed to work on. There are some ideas on how to use the lessons, but you are the final deciding factor as to how you will actually teach it.

We would talk about new concepts before Moe Man worked on them. We would sit down together after to check answers and talk about what was wrong and why. Some days we would spend more time working a specific section, and the next day Moe Man could do it on his own. Any of the review sections, Moe Man would be able to work on without me, but we would always meet up before he moved on to make sure he was showing me that he could do it.

Answer Key
Answer Key
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What We Thought Of It

Slowing down to think about each part of grammar frustrates Moe Man. He just wants to go, go and go. Using Easy Grammar was a great way to ease him into learning about grammar and his writing. I loved how simple this was. There were no silly doodles or colors that would distract him. We simply had the lesson and that was it.

Each lesson was one page. I didn't have to explain anything to Moe Man about what needed to be done, other than was day he was on. While he may need some explaining of the actual lesson, he knew that each day he had to do one page. This made it easy for both of us. He knew exactly what had to be done and I could explain without an argument! If you have a teenage boy, or even a teenager in general, you know the benefits of that!

This was a grammar program that we loved. This is something we both enjoyed using and Moe Man has picked up some tips so far! I can't wait to finish this one and move on to the next one!

What do you use for your grammar lessons in high school? Have you tried Easy Grammar?


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