Endure ~ Five Minute Friday

I am posting a day late for the Five-Minute Friday, but I am blaming my internet for that one! It was funky for me all night. But that can lead me to my word for this post…endure.

To Endure is a thing for me. I have endured a lot. From many life changes to trying new things. But I would not trade what I have learned for anything. I do not mind having to endure when I come out on the other end with more knowledge than when I started.

But one thing that I have also learned, I could not endure without my faith in God and my time spent learning from the Bible. If I had not found my current church family, learned what I have learned from them, and taken my learning of my bible into my own hands, I would not be able to endure the trials we have gone through.

With my faith and understanding of the Lord, I would be lost during this time. However, I know that everyone has had to endure before they meet God. Everyone has had to endure before the glory is given to them.

When we are called to endure, we must remember that this can bring us closer to God. All we need to do is open our bible and read of those who have endured before us. By opening your bible, you can find many who have endured before you. This will give you courage, no matter what you must endure.

What is your favorite bible verse about enduring?


2 Replies to “Endure ~ Five Minute Friday”

  1. I think that endurance is easier looking back than in the middle of it!
    But God has been teaching me a lot about acceptance and handing back control to Him (where it belongs). That and trusting Him, remembering (and praying) that we are all in His loving hands make endurance of adversity easier.
    God bless
    Your FMF neighbour #24

    1. It is much easier to look back and see the endurance when you’re in the middle of it is tough I agree!

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