Essential Oils For Sleep

I am in love with my essential oils. I never would have thought that 6 years ago I would have tried and fallen in love with them. But, I did! One of the main reasons I wanted to try them was for sleep issues in our house. Today I want to share some of my favorites for when the sun goes down.


I love the Serenity blend from doTERRA. This oil combines Lavender, Cedarwood, Ho Wood, and Vetiver to name a few. These oils create a calming and soothing aroma. This is a great oil to diffuse at night as it creates a restful environment.

You can combine the use of this oil with the Serenity Restful Complex Softgels. These soft gels can help relieve occasional sleeplessness, promote healthy relaxation and sleep, as well as calming the nervous system, and reducing stress.

Calmer for Sleep

This is a fun new blend. It is designed with kids in mind, and my kids love to use this on their own. The Calmer Restful Blend combines the soothing properties of Lavender, Cananga, Buddha Wood, and Roman Chamomile. This blend creates a restful atmosphere at bedtime. It helps create a relaxing and positive aroma and a soothing environment.


Of course, I can’t talk about essential oils for sleep without mentioning lavender. Lavender has been used for centuries. The Egyptians and Romans loved using Lavender for bathing, relaxation, and even as a perfume. For bedtime, you can diffuse the lavender, add a few drops to your pillow, bedding, or the bottoms of your feet.

What essential oils do you like to use for sleep?