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Playing on the computer is always fun. Finding just the right game to play that mom approves of, that is a different story. Not anymore. Not with Essential Skills Advantage (ESA) and the Complete Home Learning Suite.

Both Little Miss and Ray Ray have had the chance to "play" around on this site, and we are impressed. While they call it their play time on the computer, I call it a way to enforce what we are learning. Either way, it is a win-win in my books.

ESA Review

What Is It

ESA is an online learning tool. Their supplemental curriculum for grades K-6 provide over 14,000 lessons that are available with the Complete Home Learning Suite. Each student has access to everything. You are able to mix and match lessons and levels to make it a unique learning experience for your child. The lessons are broken down into subjects. There is Reading, Language & Grammar, Math, Science and Geography.

Lessons in ESA

Not all subjects are available for all grades, as some require more reading which makes it too hard for the younger grades, but the child does have access in case you wanted to check it out, or have advanced and moved up to that level.

Along with this, you as the parent have access to the grades and completion progress of each child. You are able to hop on at any time and check to see how much they have completed, what they excelled in and what they had trouble with. Having this access leaves you in control of what you want your child to work on more.

Parent Section in ESA

How We Used It

We love ESA. We use this as our free play on the computer. We also like to use this as our fall back school for the days when there is so much going on, yet we need to do something for school that is "schooly". ESA is so simple to use that I don't have to worry about either one of the kids just hoping on and getting themselves logged in. I tell them what subjects they should do, and they go.

Classroom in ESA

We made sure to log in at least 3-4 days a week and the kids would do 1 or more lessons at each log in. Some days would be just the one lesson, they didn't want to do more. Other days, I had to pull them away from the screen telling them they did too much. But really, how can you do too much learning? We would make sure to spend at least 10 minutes on each subject we needed to work on for that day, and being it was game like, this was no problem.

What We Thought

The kids love this program. They love being able to play on the computer without an argument from mom. That means that they can learn without an argument, which mom loves. I personally love that I can pick and choose the grade levels for each subject. Ray Ray is good at reading, but needs help with comprehension questions, so I have him in the 1st grade reading program. However, he is a math genius and is teaching himself faster than his lessons are going, so he is working on the 2nd grade math program.

Games with ESA

When I talk to the kids, there was no doubt that they loved this program as well. Ray Ray told me it was fun and challenging at the same time. "I could do this all day every day mom!" Little Miss loves the games and the way she was learning to read (she got herself into 2nd grade grammar and was rocking it!!), but she did not like the science (that is recommended for Kindergarten, but requires more help from a reader. She is too independent to sit and listen to me read right now!

Altogether, this was a great way to have fun and learn for the kiddos and we loved it! Want to read more reviews, check them out by clicking below!

Essential Skills Advantage Review

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