Fascinating Education ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

Are your children the audio-visual learning types? Do you want to find the right online Science curriculum that they can use to learn from? Fascinating Education has three great courses and we have been using their Fascinating Biology course as a part of our Science curriculum.

Fascinating Education - A schoolhouse Crew Review

What Is It?

Middle through high school students who have no previous knowledge of Biology, Chemistry or Physics can use Fascinating Education to help them with their science courses. These courses take the scary out of science and make it interesting again.

We used Fascinating Biology for this review. This is an online program that we used with our current science course. While being online, we had the option to print the tests if we would rather do them that way. Within the Biology course, there are 19 lessons. Each lesson has the audio video lesson for the children to watch. There is a script that goes with each lesson, for those who like to follow along and take notes. To finish each lesson is the test.

Fascinating Education - A schoolhouse Crew Review

Each test is not very long…but they make sure you know what you learned! After taking the test, you get your results. You have the option to review the test and go over the answers, print your results or retake the test. You don’t have the results saved, so Moe Man was being held responsible for keeping track of those scores. He liked having that option, and I liked seeing him retake the test numerous times (if he had to) to get a passing score. This is where the printable tests come in, for those parents who want a little more control over the whole process. Since we were using this as a supplement, I was happy to watch Moe Man work at learning the answer to get the passing grade.

How We Used It

As I mentioned, we used this as a supplement to our current science course. This was a great way to re-enforce what we were talking about and have another viewpoint in the learning process. We would take each lesson, print the script, and watch the video while following along. I used this time to help Moe Man work on note taking and highlighting. The next day, we would go over the notes. We would find vocabulary words, although they weren’t the main focus of the lessons. If I felt it was needed, or Moe Man showed signs of needing it, we would re-watch the video, or the specific slide in question and make sure we knew what we needed to know.

Now I am the mom who allows their child to use notes when taking a quiz. I feel that if you took the time to write them, and you work on actually finding the answer, that you should be able to use the notes…hello how many times do I Google something when I don’t know the answer. Because I feel this way, Moe Man would have his notes and the script with him while he would take the test at the end of the week/lesson. When taking the test I would make him look for each answer and those that were wrong, would have to be highlighted and noted before he could move on.

Fascinating Biology Review

What We Thought

I loved how easy the lessons were to understand. There was no crazy science talk that made me want to take a course just to understand what they were trying to tell me. To use each lesson was straight forward. It was not a confusing website at all. Although we weren’t able to keep track of scores, the site kept track of where we were in each lesson, so if we had to exit out for any amount of time, we would have the option to go back to where we left off. I was fine with no keeping track of scores, but it would have been nice to have that option. Like I said, I gave Moe Man the responsibility of telling me his scores. If we used this for a full curriculum, I may have done this different.

Moe Man loved how easy it was to use the program. He loved having the option to look back and he actually didn’t mind doing science for once!

Now, in Lesson One, we learn about both viewpoints of the beginning of the world. As it was stated right in the course, it is best to learn about both viewpoints and understand them both. Nowhere does it talk about which is right or wrong, but just to keep an open mind. Even though we are Catholic and believe one thing…I was fine with letting Moe Man learn about the other way. I don’t want to shelter him and only teach him one thing. I want him to learn things and make his own decision.

Interested? You can enjoy a full year’s worth of access for just $79 per course.

Fascinating Biology was just one of the three courses involved in this review. Hop on over with me and see what others are saying about the other courses!


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