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We have been homeschooling since January 2013.  It has been fun and a learning experience for everyone in the house! For the end of the last school year, it was find something and put it together quick to make it work. Now that I have had the time to prepare, we are almost all set for our 2013-2014 school year! One thing that I am really excited for is the oppourtunity to teach more about the fine arts. Yes, I have books, but I found a website I really like too, Classical Composers Monthly. This site is a homeschool mom's dream! 


We haven't started the school year yet, but it doesn't mean we can't still learn something! Over the summer months that are left, we are using the Fine Art Pages to help introduce famous paintings and artists to the kids. We are using the suggestion of hanging up a page with a picture and information on that picture in a spot where everyone can see it. Right now, the picture is of Mona Lisa. She is in a page protector and taped to the bathroom mirror…hey, teeth brushing can get boring 🙂 I told the boys about it and said I would be quizzing them later about the picture. Big Kid will have to read more about it and Ray Ray will have to study the actual picture. They seem excited about this (sneaking in just to study the picture) and are waiting for their quiz!


But Classical Composers isn't just about artists and paintings, it is also about composers (hence the name!). You are able to receive information about a classical composer that you are able to share with your children. These resources are wonderful! There are links to many examples of the pieces of music the composer has, links directing you to eBooks that help you teach about the composer and a section of "fun stuff" that includes word finds, quizzes and podcasts for the kids. This is the section I am excited to start using with the kids this fall. I feel that we can add some notebooking pages into this and spend two days a week learning about the Composer or Artist of the month. Nothing to scare the kids, but enough to peak their interests. 


Erica has some free samples for those of you who want to try it out before you buy it. For a Monet sample, click here. Some info and a free sample of the Fine Arts pages, click here. And here is where you can sign up for some free resources on composer Handel.


Go and check it out! I am loving what I see and having fun using it, I think you will too!!





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