Five Minute Friday ~ Blue

Five Minute Friday, here are again. This is a simple post, get the word of the week and write for 5 minutes. No more, no less and no editing. So, here we go…

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The sky has been so blue the past two days. It is supposed to be a beautiful day when the sky is blue. Especially after the rain. Only I have been feeling a different kind of blue. I don’t even know where to start with it.

The last two months have been tough for us. We first lost my brother in law in a car accident. He was only 18. This is not supposed to happen…

Then, we lost my mother in law, the principal’s mom. It was tragic, we are still dealing with this.

Now, the principal is in a cancer scare. We have to have a biopsy done next week. We are hoping for a good result, but scared.

So while I look at the blue sky and think I should be happy and joyful, I am scared and sad.

Blue to me, is both happy and sad…depending on the day and the way you look at it!

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