Five Minute Friday: Broken

Five Minute Friday


Today I am taking part in Five Minute Friday. I am given the topic and write for five minutes. Here is my post for today:



I look across the floor and see broken toys, "But mom we can't get rid of that. That is my favorite!" Why do boys love broken toys so much? How do you get rid of broken toys? I don't want the kids mad, but I don't want broken toys…


Broken toys are in the sandbox. "Mom, those are for our battle, we can't get rid of those!" Once again my boys won't let me get rid of anything broken!


I am glad we have not had broken bones or anything like that! 


Broken time alone…that is what this mommy deals with. Not even five minutes to "write" and my attention is needed. Off to make sure nothing more is broken!!

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  1. So true! My kids and keeping broken toys is ridiculous! My girls will never get rid of a Barbie with a broken head even- they just squash it down so Barbie has no neck 🙂 Great first FMF post!

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