Five Minute Friday ~ Dare


Five Minute Friday is where you get a prompt, and than, for five minutes you write whatever pops into your head. This week the promt is Dare, so here I go:


I dare you…

I dare you to stop what you are doing.

I dare you to stop worrying.

I dare you to put your trust in God.

I dare you to stop what you are doing and pick up your bible.

I dare you to do something you wouldn’t normally do today.

I dare you to step outside of your comfort zone and make something possible for yourself.

I dare you to take a moment and think.

I dare you.

Dare…seems like such a scary word, but really, is it?

Dare, doesn’t mean bad.

Dare yourself.

Dare yourself to make good changes.

Dare yourself to be different.

Dare yourself to love like Christ, even when you don’t want to.

Dare yourself to see others from a different view point.

Dare yourself now.

I Dare you to.

Tell me what happens when you do!

3 Replies to “Five Minute Friday ~ Dare”

  1. Yes, that stepping outside of my comfort zone gets me every time.  The Lord will nudge me to do something and my flesh will ask me, "What!?  Are you KIDDING me?!"  Over time I'm getting better at obeying.  He has shown me over and over that He will equip me for the task He sends me to do.

    Stopping by from FMF.

  2. I don't feel like a very daring person, most of the time. But I look at your list of challenges and maybe I'm not so cowardly!  🙂  And you're right, we often think of a dare as something negative, but challenges help us improve.  Thanks for that reminder.

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