Five Minute Friday ~ Plan

Five Minute Friday. Get a word, set your timer and write for 5 minutes. No longer. No editing, just writing. Today’s word is “Plan”.

Five Minute Friday Plan


I have a plan, for most days. I try to follow that plan. But the farthest I ever get with that plan is to get up with Baby Girl and pray the Rosary. After that my plan goes out the window and His plan takes over.

My word for the year is Trust and I have had to trust His plan with all my heart. Everything is done according to His will and His plan. Where I want to have the kids moving and doing school according to my plan, it doesn’t usually work. We get our school done during the day with His plan. When I want to have a blog post up with my plan, it goes up according to His plan.

As much as I love to plan, I have to step back and trust just a little bit more.  


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  1. "I have to step back and trust just a little bit more."

    I hear you! I'm right there with you. Wouldn't it be great if that was easy? 🙂 Keep it up. Sounds like you're on the right track!

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