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FlipStir Puzzle from Enlivenze LLC ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

"But I am bored mom. What am I supposed to do?" This is a common statement when mom decides that video games are not an option in the house for the day. So what does mom do? She hands the bored child a Tyrannosaurus Rex FlipStir Puzzle from Enlivenze LLC.


What Is It

What the heck is a FlipStir Puzzle? It is just that, a puzzle that you have to put together by flipping and stirring! What? Yes, you heard me right. This puzzle is 10 pieces and put inside a tube with a wand to help you flip and stir the pieces.

Flipstir Mess

There are two different levels of these puzzles. Level 1 is 10 straight edged pieces within the tube to put together. Level 1 has two different options and Level 2 has three different options right now. Level 2 also has 10 pieces, but they are curved instead of straight.


FlipStir Puzzles are battery free, small, compact and easy to take anywhere. You have no worries about losing the pieces since they are all contained in the tube. This puzzle will help your child with hand eye coordination, just like video games, but better!

How We Used It

Well, we flipped, shook and stirred the pieces until we could solve the puzzle. Or at least tried to! Even the Level 1 puzzle took some time and work, but when you got the hang of it…you didn't set it down!

LM with FlipStir

We did not use this as part of the homeschool day, rather we used it when school was over and kids were bored. Everyone who came into our house was subject to trying to solve the puzzle. There was a lot of shaking, stirring and flipping with the wand that was inside the tube. 

FlipStir Wand

Anytime a child in the house had finished school and chores, yet was still bored, they were given this puzzle to work on. Sometimes I even had children grab this off the shelf just because they wanted to. And it was always a challenge when a friend came over to see if they could solve the puzzle.

What We Thought of It

This puzzle opened our minds to a new way of putting puzzles together. We had so much fun trying to outsmart these pieces, and figuring out how to move them around with the silly wand. The kids had so much fun trying to be the first kid to put the puzzle together. Even Baby Girl had a fun time trying to solve this puzzle. Actually, I think she just liked being able to play with something like the big kids.

FlipStir BG

We had so much fun introducing this puzzle to our friends as well. They could not believe how much fun one tube of puzzle pieces could be. This has been a hit around the house for everyone of all ages. This is just as difficult for the adults as it is for the kids. We are excited to add more of these to the house and really have fun racing each other to finish! What a great idea for hand eye coordination without video games!

FlipStir Solved

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