Friday Favorites From 2016

Is it really the last Friday of the year? I don't know where 2016 went to, but it sure went fast! Today I want to end the year with my favorites from the blog. My favorite posts and my favorite reviews. I would love to hear from you also, what did I share this year that was your favorite?

I love writing for you. I love telling you all about our homeschool experience, but I still do have favorite posts. Those that take a little extra of me with them when I hit publish. Those where I feel like you are right here with me when I am typing them. I have narrowed down my top 5 favorite posts. No, these are not the top 5 most viewed for the year. These are the ones I love the most. If you missed them, check them out, or go back and revisit them with me!

5. What I Wish I Knew Before Homeschooling

I love this one! I never knew that I would be homeschooling, but love it and wouldn't change a thing!

4. 5 Things That Don't Work in Our Homeschool

Not all homeschools are the same. And because of this, some things will work for some and not others. Here is where I spent some time talking about what works and what doesn't work for us.

3. 10 Tips for Managing Your Stress

When you are a homeschool mom, you will find stress sooner or later. How do you handle it? I collected 10 of my favorite stress relieving tips for you right here.

2. Psalm 56 – Scripture Sunday

This is a simple post, and to most it won't mean much. To me, this scripture meant a lot more on a deeper level. My cousin passed away, his football number was 56. His birthday was March (3) 4th. To me, this scripture is straight from him!

1. 10 Ways to Make You a Better Mom

You are a great mom! I need to tell you that right away. We all have tough days, and sometimes we need an extra boost to realize what great moms we are! Here is my collection of the top ten tips to help you feel like a better mom!


This year we had a lot of fun reviewing different items for the Homeschool Review Crew. We loved so many of these items and still use many of them on a regular basis. However, there are three items that really stood out for me, three items that I am super thankful to have had the chance to bring into our house!

3. Freezer Meals Made Easy with

I love my freezer meals! I love having food ready to go without all the prep work. I love saving money when I don't need to go back and forth to the store! This was one of those reviews that I was super excited for just for mom!

2. Zonderkidz Faith Builders Bible

This was the favorite of Ray Ray. He still carries this bible around with him everywhere. I remember the look on his face when he got to open it. Knowing that he had his own bible and that it had pictures of bible stories built with Legos made him interested in opening the bible on his own!

1. CrossTimber Personalized Gifts

This was one of those reviews that were something more. I talked with the kids and we decided that daddy needed this gift, and we all loved pulling off the secrets to get it into the house without him knowing about it!


Wow, all this happened in a year? I remember so much of it as if it were yesterday! I am sad to see this year end, but at the same time I look forward to a new year!

I have lots in store for you this year! I will be co-hosting a weekly linkup, Blogging Through the Alphabet, and a lot of fun other topics I want to talk about. Also, the hints as to the new lineup of review items, well I am itching to get my hands on a lot of them! I can't wait to share them with you!

What were some of your favorite posts from the site this last year? Please leave me a comment below and let me know!!

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