Gather ‘Round Asia Unit Study

We have fallen in love with the Gather Round Homeschool Curriculum. This is almost an all in one homeschool curriculum that is unit study based, allowing everyone in the family to sit down and learn together.

We went through a stage in our homeschool that had me busy with many different things. Because of this, I could not keep up with all the things that needed to get done for three kids in all the different subjects. I was beginning to feel like I was failing my kids. I didn’t want this to happen. Enter in Gather Round Homeschool.

Gather Round Homeschool covers all subjects for all grades, except for math (but that is changing soon!). That means, you all sit down together and learn together. No more different levels and books for each kid. That meant that I could school all three of my younger kids (my oldest had already graduated) at the same time. I wasn’t spread out among each of them all day each day.

We fell in love. I fell in love. Because I was having fun with it, the kids had fun with it. Our journey with Gather Round had started.

This month we are starting our Asia unit with Gather Round. This means, while learning all the subjects, we are focusing on Asia while we learn all the subjects. This month we will learn more about Indonesia, Cambodia, Mongolia, Syria, and other Asian countries. This is exciting.

Now that we have moved past our busy season in life, we are able to do more. That means we can add in more books from the book list that is provided with each study. We can follow more rabbit trails when we find something interesting. We can just do more. But, we don’t have to on the days when the sun is shining and we just want to get outside. This curriculum is great for our family, whether busy or not.

Some of the fun add ons are the cookbook that goes along with each of the countries. If you want to bring your learning to life in your homeschool, this is the way to do it. Involve the kids, have them help cook the food and everyone can enjoy the food while discussing what was learned about the country. There are cursive books also. This will allow you to teach your child to write in cursive while using the bible verses that are used in the main unit study.

This is a curriculum that I know we will be using for years to come. I have added a few things, but I know that if we get busy again, we can take those out and still get a full learning experience each time we open our books.

Check back in a few weeks to see what we have thought of our Asia study!