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How much fun do you have with science experiments? We love to learn from them, but mommy doesn’t love to plan, supply and clean up after them. Plus, some of the supplies seem really hard to find or are spendy for a one time use. What if you could watch a science experiment done by someone who is enthusiastic and aims the attention to the kids? No clean up went still learning? I love that option!

Library and Educational Services has Series 2 of the Go Science DVDs available and these videos are a life saver for this mommy!

Ben Roy is the host of these “game show” like video experiments. He is having fun with science and a whole group of kids from every background, which we loved! Ben Roy has done science lessons for different TV channels and websites. He is a very enthusiastic host who captures the attention of all kids…no matter the age or interest in science.

These DVDS are not a full science curriculum, but they are the perfect add on to the different units you may be studying at the time. These are DVDs and we played them just fine on our BluRay player. Each DVD runs for just over an hour and is recommended for ages 4-12 (we had ages 3, 5, 9, 11 and 13 watching with enjoyment from all). Library and Educational Services sells these DVDs for only $8.97 each.

During the summer months I don’t like to do “too” much school…we get busy and heck, it is summer! But when we were given the chance to review the Go Science DVDs I was excited, you know it isn’t always beautiful play outside weather during the summer! We sat down together and picked out our two DVDs and patiently waited for Volume Two: Life Science, Weather and Volume Five: States of Matter, Water to arrive. We didn’t have to wait too long with the fast shipping though!

Right away we hit a hot spell. An icky, sticky, don’t want to move hot spell. We popped in a DVD and we were having fun guessing what would happen and then actually watching it happen. Our DVD choices were based off things we have previously learned about with our science lessons.

The first DVD we watched was States of Matter, Water. The different episodes on this DVD were: Ice Cream, Oobleck, Density Column, Ice Block Melt, Run Through Corn Starch and Water, Pitcher of Cold Water Put in Hot Water, Putting Ice in Water Float or Sink, Making Butter, Traveling Water, Antimagnetic Water, Pouring Water and Burning Water.

The second DVD was Life Science, Weather. The fun episodes on this DVD are Flashlight-Animal Eyes, Animal Skulls, Bobby Pins, What are you Looking At?, How Much Do Your Lungs Hold?, Eating Nails for Breakfast, Naked Eggs, Fire Tornado, Ping Pong Cannon, Liquid Nitrogen Cloud, Cloud in a Bottle and Garbage Can Vortex.

What is my favorite part of the DVDs, when Ben Roy is able to teach a lesson and pull God into it at the end…sometimes it is a simple “When we learn more about science we learn more about God” and other times it goes into a full lesson, (Making sure we are “in tune” to God’s voice).

What do my kids love? Seeing the fun experiments and knowing that mom doesn’t have to be in control of them! Their favorite was the Ping Pong Cannon. Who would have thought that a simple ping pong ball could do so much damage from a simple vacuum suction?

We loved these DVDs and still love them! We just put them in today and right away Ray Ray was saying “Hush, I am busy watching this one!” I love hearing this from my kids, especially when it comes from something like science videos!

If you love watching your kids learn from science experiments, yet you don’t like the clean up or prep time involved, these DVDs will be your best friends!

Series 2 of the Go Science DVDs has 7 titles in the collection. I didn’t get the chance to review all of them, so make sure to stop by and see what the other reviews are all about!


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