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Grapevine Studies ~ Review and GIVEAWAY


How do you study the bible? How do your kids study the bible? What if I told you there was a fun way to make your kids want to study the bible all day and they truly enjoyed it and remembered it!?! Welcome to the picture Grapevine Studies

This wonderful program was created by John and Dianna, who have homeschooled all four of their children. They made a program that has taken my rambunctious 5 year old and sit and focus on what I was telling him! This program not only interests Ray Ray, but Moe Man loves to pull out the colored pencils and "stick figure through the bible" with us!

There is more than one level when it comes to the Grapevine Studies. The newest being the traceables for the littles (3-5 years) who aren't sure they can actually draw yet! These levels go all the way up to Level 4 for the young teens. Each level gets a little more in depth with the stories in the bible.

We used the Level 3 New Testament Overview (Part 1) and the Traceable Beginner Part 1, John to the Apostles. These are two separate programs, but they cover almost the same topics, and were perfect for our ages. The teacher editions show what color the different people and items should be and help you to explain and ask questions about the readings. 


The Level 3 book starts with blank squares with the bible verse in them. After reading the verse, you go on to stick figuring what you just heard. Now, there are a few ways to do this. I grabbed a piece of scratch paper and drew right along with Moe Man. I would look at the teacher edition and draw, than he would copy my drawing. Another way, which Ray Ray prefers is to allow the kids to look at the teacher copy while you read and they draw. 

The Traceable Beginner book has a simple picture of what to draw. The kids than take the correct color and trace the image. As soon as Ray Ray started, he wouldn't stop! He couldn't stop! I have scratch paper all through the house that is filled with stick figures telling me stories of the bible…not just what we have read with Grapevine, but all the bible stories he remembers!

So, do I like this program? You bet I do! I wouldn't trade this for anything else! This has made the kids remember what they hear and they can actually picture it as they draw the pictures. With the eBooks going for $10 and the Teacher eBooks at $18, the price is very nice and nothing to complain about. You can find Grapevine Studies on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

Dianna has been nice enough to offer up a student and teacher eBook combo of The Resurrection to one of you lovely readers! Make sure you enter and pass the word along!!

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2 thoughts on “Grapevine Studies ~ Review and GIVEAWAY

  1. I would love to use the Resurrection Study with my daughter. We finished the e-lesson sample and she has a strong desirer to know more. She learned a lot from the few pages that we completed. I would love to continue the study. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win this study!

  2. I have seen this before and have been interested. We would love to win this but if not, we will have to look for this at the convention this year.

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