Hands On U.S. History with Home School in the Woods – A Homeschool Crew Review

Ray Ray has been learning about the states and their history in his history and geography lessons. While this is fun and interesting, there are some days when all he wants to do is something hands on and fun like his little sisters. This is where the Make-a-State Activity from Home School in the Woods has saved us!

Home School in the Woods is a wonderful, hands on history company that takes the boring history lessons and makes them fun with hands on activities. The Make-a-State Activity is one of their Activity-Paks, and there are others like Artists, Composers, both The New and Old Testaments. Home School in the Woods also offers Time Travelers American History, Lap-Paks and the Timeline Trio. All of this will give your child the hands-on fun they are looking for in their history lessons!

Ray Ray has been having so much fun when it comes to learning about the states, and Make-a-State makes it easy for us to learn them however we want. We had the digitial copy of this program, so I was able to print what I wanted, when I wanted it. I say it like that, because there are 20 different projects that you could do for each state!

All of the projects main parts are generic and can be used over and over again for each state, all you need to do is print one for each state you wanted to do that project for. But you are not left alone with generic lap book pieces and told to have fun. Also included are picture to go with the pieces, information is provided on the State Page and there is a fun game to help cement what you are learning into the open minds of the kids!

We decided to start out with Maine in the North East and make our way across the U.S. I did not do all the projects for each state, rather I picked the ones that I though Ray Ray would have the most fun with. I could see how to print each activity with a nice instruction book and as we progressed with our activities, there was a nice list of assembly ideas. I made sure to print both so that I would have them easily accessible to me.

Our plan was to do one state a week, working on some activities each day. This was a great pace for us! He was able to do his regular lesson and we would follow that up with some of the activities. I loved starting with the State Page, and we use this for a lot of our information. We would also use some of the websites that were listed in the Suggested Resources list, not to mention books that we could find at out library.

Ray Ray had a blast coloring and putting together the activities. He kept asking about when we could work on his Make-a-State. Mondays were fun with the new state information and Fridays meant the completed lap-book for him to show off!

I loved how much fun he was having! This is a very print heavy activity, but it was worth it to me. There was not a lot of color printing needed, most was just black and white. You have to option to use colored paper, or do like what we did and color the pieces to add the pops of color to the lap book. With the printing, there is also a lot of cutting. I had Ray Ray help me with this, working on his fine motor skills!

We are both excited to continue our way through the U.S. and can’t wait to have a lap book for each one, made by us!

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