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I want to first apologize for last week. I was not feeling good and therefore did not get my post up as I had hoped. I might get back to the letter G in the future, but I also have to keep moving forward.

This week we are on the Letter H, and I am going to go off a little from straight oils and share with you about the HD Clear Facial Kit. This is a great kit for the kids in your life!

Before I get too far into talking about this amazing kit, let me invite you to stop by my co-hosts and see what they are talking about this week:

Now, onto the HD Clear line. In the kit, you will find the HD Clear Foaming Face Wash, HD Clear Topical Blend, and HD Clear Facial Lotion. Together these work together to address skin problems at its core.

First, you start with the HD Clear Foaming Face Wash. This face wash will clean your child/teens skin without drying it out. It will remove oil and dirt for a fresh and clean feeling. This is a great start to keep your child/teens skin clean and hydrated.

The HD Clear Topical Blend is next. This can be used as a spot treatment for acne breakouts or as an all over application to promote a clean and healthy complexion. This blend features a unique blend of black cumin seed oil, Ho Wood, Melaleuca, Eucalyptus, Geranium and Litsea oils to help reduce breakouts and keep skin clean, clear, and hydrated.

To finish up the routine, there is the HD Clear Facial Lotion. This lotion contains the same combination of oils as the topical blend. With this lotion, your child/teen will have a clean, touchable face. Using this lotion will help to promote a clean complexion and help reduce breakouts. Not only that but it will help to soothe redness and irritations.

We have been using this facial kit with Moe Man, 17, Ray Ray, 9, and Little Miss 7. They all love this kit and how their face feels after using it. I have noticed fewer blemishes on Moe Man and Ray Ray, and Little Miss loves the feel of their face after using this kit.

If you have a child, tween, or teen, this is a facial kit that you will want to look at for them!

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