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Heirloom Audio Beric the Briton Audio Drama ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

Are you ready to be taken on an adventure? One of mystery, revenge and possibly even true forgiveness? Do you want to know more? You can simply read the story of Beric The Briton by G.A. Henty, or you can check out Heirloom Audio Production's Audio Drama and be entranced from beginning to end by this wonderful story!

Beric the Briton A Schoolhouse Crew Review

What Is It

Heirloom Audio has added another title to The Extraordinary Adventures of G.A. Henty with Beric The Briton. This 2-CD set has over 2 hours of entertaining, attention grabbing story to tell you about the history of the Roman invasion of Britannia happened. I will tell you right away that this, like other Heirloom Audio Dramas is not like any other as there is a different actor for each character.

Beric the Briton

Not only did we get the physical CDs, we also got access to the bonuses with our review, which include the MP3s of the audio drama, the PDF of the story, an inspirational quote poser with a quote from Julius and a study guide to name a few. These bonus items make this Audio Drama a history lesson happen in an instant.

How We Used It

Like previous Heirloom Audio Dramas, we first listened to the whole story first, usually while we ate lunch. I love having noise in the house besides the kids, and this was a great alternative to the TV or music. After listening to it, we would talk about what we had heard each day.

After fully listening to the whole story, we listened to it again. This time as a history lesson. This was easy to do with the bonuses that were included. We would listen and use the PDF of the story each day for history. After each session, we would go over the study guide. Each track on the CD has a matching study guide page. Each page includes Listening Well Questions, Thinking Further and Defining Words.

The Listening Well Questions are fun to use in two different ways. We tried to answer them after listening the first time. I found that the kids didn't quite get the answers the way that I would have liked. The next day, we read through the questions first. We talked about what we thought we would be hearing and then we listened. As we were listening, the kids were picking out the answers as they heard them! These questions helped us to be better active listeners and we enjoyed using them in this way.

Beric the Briton Study Guide

What We Thought Of It

As always, Heirloom Audio has blessed us with another wonderful audio drama! We have loved every one we have listened to so far and Beric the Briton is no different. In today's fast paced, loud world, it is sometimes hard to find an audio book that catches the attention of our busy minds. However, while this was based on a book, this is anything but an audio book. With different actors for each character and all the other sound effects, this is TV on a CD!

My kids loved to pull this out when they were "bored", and we enjoyed sitting down as a family and pretending to be old fashioned while listening to this. There is no physical screen to watch with this "movie", but the mind is a great screen as you listen and picture everything that is happening.

While the recommended ages is 6 to adult, Little Miss and Baby Girl have enjoyed listening to this as much as the rest of us. Now when it comes to mommy reading aloud, I get asked to use different voices like the CD does. Yeah, mommy is not that good, but we can always listen to Beric when we need that kind of action!

We were not the only family who had time to enjoy listening to this audio drama. Head on over here and check out these other reviews with me!

Beric The Briton Heirloom Audio Productions  Review

Have you listened to any of Heirloom Audio's Audio Dramas? Which one is your favorite so far?

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