Heirloom Audio Productions: With Lee in Virginia ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

Well, I have to say that Heirloom Audio Productions has done it again! We have spent some time, 2 ½ hours to be exact, listening to their newest audio theater presentation of With Lee in Virginia.
With Lee in Virginia Review

What It Is

With the purchase of the Family Four-Pack you will receive the 2 ½ hour long audio theater on two CDs and access to their special bonuses online. The special bonuses include the MP3 download of the story, eBook of the original G.A. Henty story of With Lee in Virginia, the PDF download of the Study Guide to go along with the story and a beautiful printable of a saying from Robert E. Lee.

How We Used This

Just like every audio theater we have listened to from Heirloom Audio Productions, we first listen to the whole story. This time we spent some hot days hiding out in the house and keeping cool with the TV off and the story going. These stories are so full of adventure we have not had a problem getting the attention of all the kids and the adults!

After fully listening to the story and getting that “What is going to happen next” out of our system, we downloaded the study guide and took a look at it. We slowly re-listened to the whole story, working one track at a time and using the study guide to help us learn more about the story as we went along.

Each section of the study guide started out with Listening Well Questions. We read these questions first, listened to the track and went back to answer them. This was a perfect way to work on Moe Man’s comprehension skills as a family and to introduce reading (or in this case listening) comprehension to the little ones. Without grading looming over their heads, the kids were having a good time talking about the story by answering the questions.

Next, we had some Thinking Further Questions. These questions were my favorite. These made us learn more about the time era and what was happening at that time. We loved the fun little activities, like finding places on the map where the story was taking place during each track.

And of course, you can’t learn anything unless you know the words they are talking about. We would use the computer dictionary to help us find some of the words we couldn’t find in the “new” dictionary we have at home. Listening to 4 year old Little Miss using these new words, and in the right context has been fun!

I loved printing the quote from Robert E. Lee to his son and hanging it up for everyone to see in the house. This is not just a simple picture with words on it, this is a gorgeous picture with a meaningful quote, “Do your duty in all things. You cannot do more, You should never wish to do less.”, on it. This quote fits well with how we strive to be in our house and made a perfect addition to our school room bulletin board.

What We Thought

I have yet to be disappointed with an audio theater presentation from Heirloom Audio Productions. With a cast like Sean Astin, Kirk Cameron, Brian Blessed, Chris Anthony, Kelsey Lansdowne and Jim Weiss, why would you be disappointed!?!?! We were hooked from before we even put the CD into the player! We knew what was coming! This, like their previous titles, is full of adventure and grabs your attention from the first introduction song! In our family of music lovers, the songs get us.

Once we started listening to the story, we were able to picture everything! Tony and Vincent were real in our minds! We could see them, see their struggles. There were all the sound effects, splashing in the water, the roster crowing in the morning and even the struggle of the slaves against their masters. This one got the kids. We had to pause and discuss this period in time to the younger kids. They were upset to hear about people being treated as property, but I felt this was a good way to introduce the concept and be able to talk about it with them.

When you have three kids who are full of energy sit down and truly enjoy listening to a story played out in their minds, you know you have a winner! I cannot say enough good about this, or any of their CDs! If you are in need of a way to make history come alive, or even something good to listen to, this is the way to do it! Not only do I get to enjoy this with the kids, but Daddy takes these CDs with him when he goes to work in the big truck and enjoys a break from the radio. Needless to say, he was just as happy as the rest of us to find out that he had a new story to listen to!

Still have some doubts about what I am saying? Check out the 3 minute preview on the website and you will be hooked!! I have never personally enjoyed history as much as I do when I can close my eyes and listen to it with Heirloom Audio Productions! Only one question from our family….when is the next one coming out?? We don’t even care what it is, we just want to know when!!
With Lee in Virginia Audio Drama Review
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