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Here to Help Learning ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

Are you looking for a homeschool writing program that works with your kids and allows them to have fun while learning? A program that you work with your child, yet you don't have to do a lot of working when it comes to the planning? We used Here to Help Learning and their Flight 1 Paragraph Writing.

Here to Help Learning

Why would they call this Flight 1? Well, because you are hoping on an airplane and having a good time while learning! Ray Ray loves to use this computer for his learning as much as possible, and this writing program has allowed him to do that.

Here to Help Learning is an online writing program. There is filmed instruction for each one of the weekly lessons which goes over the topics your child will need to work on. Following the filmed instruction, there are printable worksheets that your child will use to complete the lesson. Other than the Here to Help Learning program, the only other thing you will want to have available is a 3 ring binder to organize your child's worksheets.

Here to Help Learning

There are two required days each week when using Here to Help Learning. The first day is the day when you watch your instructions. These are broken down into a few different sections and require pausing to play some quick games or work on some writing warm ups. This is the day to have mom or dad present to help with the pausing and to play the games with. We included big brother in our Sentence, No Sentence game.

The second day of the week your child will work on their Flying Solo work. This is simple work that has them slowly working towards their final writing piece, in our case it was a simple paragraph. This is the day that they will take what they have learned so far and use it in the writing process. This is also the day where you can step back and see what your child is learning so far.

Here to Help Learning Review

Ray Ray loves to use the computer and I love programs that make my day just a little bit more simple. I am still an active part of his learning, but I have help with Here to Help Learning. I am able to sit down on Sunday night, and take a look at what needs to be done for the week. I print the worksheets and get them ready to go into the binder and watch the video myself so I know what to expect.


Tuesday is the day we like to watch our filmed instruction together. We are able to spend some time together working through what Mrs. Mora wants us to do. Ray Ray loves the airplane, and the puppy pilot, Captain Knucklehead! He looks forward to these lessons and loves to play Sentence, No Sentence, in fact, he preps all week for this one game, to the point where I have to make up more to go with the game.

Here to Help Learning

The writing warm-up is included in this day. This includes a funny picture, a word box and space to write. This is a great way to get the minds thinking, and the way Mrs. Mora has it set up to include everyone from every writing level is awesome! Ray Ray started out, unsure of his writing abilities, but now, this is the second favorite part of writing. Little Miss likes to sit in and help up come up with our words in our word box. This warm-up makes writing fun.

Working on the writing project is a step by step process. Here to Help Learning has it all broken down into simple steps for your child. Writing a paragraph never seemed so simple when you take is slowly. And when you make hand movements to help you remember the different steps, they are that much more fun!

Thursday we move on to our Flying Solo part of the lesson. This is where Ray Ray works on his own asking me for help when he needs it. He started out not liking this day. He was nervous to be "flying solo" and was always asking questions. Now he has gained confidence knowing that he can do this. This is due to the small workloads that he is given. He is not taught how to write a paragraph and sent out to do it. He is learning with help at each step and he loves it!

That is about it…as simple as it sounds, it works! I love watching Ray Ray get better at his writing every week. I love seeing him excited to start a program day after day. This program has not only made my planning and teaching easier, it has made his learning easier. This is just what I love to see for him! Honestly, what more could you ask for? Right here you have a fun and interactive teacher, simple step by step instructions for both the parent and the student, and a lot of fun! Just what you need for any writer in your house!

We really enjoyed using our writing program, but Here to Help Learning offers many other programs as well. Stop over and check out these other reviews real quick, see if you can find a program you love!

Here to Help Learning Review

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  1. That sounds fun; and fairly painless. Wiriting is definitely the subject we struggle with the most. 

    1. Ray Ray loves to read, but writing, not so much. This program made it fun and adapted well to his level. We love it!

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