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When you start homeschooling, you love looking at the resources available. Once you hit the high school age, those resources are harder to find. However, and their Pro Plan is a wonderful resource for all homeschool ages, especially the high school age. Review is an online resource that will provide you and your student (from PreK to 12th grade) with the materials needed to supplement all your current curriculums. You will have access to all the worksheets and tests, both online and printable, as well as lessons the are put together for you. These lessons, worksheets and tests cover almost every subject for almost every grade level.

Not only are you able to use the premade material that is available on, but you are able to make your own content with your own material. With, you are able to plan what you want your child work on, plan it out and email the assignments to them. This helps in letting them learn responsibility for their own school. I love this for Moe Man now that he is in high school.

With the Pro Plan, you will have unlimited access to the Test Maker, up to 100 questions in your own custom tests and worksheets, use of images with questions, and the ability to save your tests as PDFs. You will be browse and use any of the pre-made premium content as well as the CCSS-aligned content, if you need it. All of this for $24.95 for the year! Plans

I used this Pro Plan from for Moe Man these last few weeks. We have found the things that worked for us, and those that I loved, but they didn't quite work for him. We found the things that he knew, and what we needed to keep working on. With the lesson plans provided, we were able to work on those skills that were needed without a huge search for something that would work.

Online Lessons with

With Moe Man and his learning, we did not use the online testing as much as I wanted. However, we did use the printable worksheets to the full potential. We were always finding one or making one that would go with the topic we were talking about in lessons. That was a benefit that I had with, I was able to make what I couldn't find, which wasn't much. Or I was even able to mix and match the questions that were already in the data base.

With all of the resources available on, we have been able to use something multiple times a day, every day with our current curriculum. There was no lack of information, or ways to make what you wanted. As much as Moe Man did not want more work, I was able to use these resources and have them make sense with every subject in our day.

I love using with our daily lessons. I have had so much fun myself playing around with the idea of being able to customize the tests and worksheets. I might have spent a little too much time playing with this feature! I loved the online testing, wish it would have worked better with Moe Man, but I can say that this is awesome! Simply adding your student and their email address and you are able to send tests and assignments straight to your child.

If you have a high school student, I would recommend that you check out this wonderful resource! You can find on Facebook, Google+,
Twitter, and Pinterest. Stop by to say hi and give them a like!

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