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Finding great literature is not always hard, finding the right curriculum to go with them can be a tad difficult. Hewitt Homeschooling has given us some great literature and a great program to go with it! We had the chance to check out Lightning Lit & Comp British Early – Mid 19th Century and loved what we saw!

This review gave us the physical Teacher's Guide and Student Guide. We also had the chance to use the Paper Evaluation Service that they offer. There are four books your child will read through during this program, Pride and Prejudice, Ivanhoe, Frankenstein and Jane Eyre. These books were not included in the set we got, but I found them at our library or on the Kindle.

There are four units in this book. Each unit has two lessons. It is recommended to use this guide in a semester. While using this schedule, that you can find in the Teacher's Guide, not only will your child read all four books in 18 weeks, but they will also work on writing about two papers for each book. While this is the recommended pace, and the pace we used for this review period, we are going to be slowing this down now and making this a year-long study.

Moe Man is great a reading, but when it comes to comprehension and paper writing, he has troubles. I love that after seeing the Semester Schedule I saw the Full-Year Schedule in the Teacher's Guide. This is the schedule that we will be switching to for his sake, and mine!

When you first open the Student Guide, you will find an introduction to the whole book. This introduction will give your child all they need to know on how to make this course successful for them. They will not only be introduced to the topics they will cover, but also given hints on how to make their writing better. Everything is there from how to write an introductory paragraph and conclusion to supporting paragraphs and tips on rewriting. Your child is also given tips on how to get a better grade. Simply by keeping a notebook for vocabulary and a reading journal and even some extra projects to help with the learning.

Each lesson concludes with a writing exercise. There are multiple choices for your child to choose from, and this makes it easier on your child to be able to pick one of six topics instead of making them do as they are told. These are great for working on your child's skills in writing. Add in the Evaluation Service and you have someone else telling your child what they need to work on. While I am good a noticing the major mistakes, this service tells Moe Man what to change AND why! This is the biggest thing, the why. This helps Moe Man see things a little different and not always complain about what mom is saying.

I personally loved this program! I loved seeing that Moe Man was reading quality books and I loved how the papers were added in with enough time to write a few drafts. The comprehension questions are great. They are not too hard, and there are only about 10 at a time. And that Evaluation Service has been a treasured gift by mom! I love seeing Moe Man work harder on his writing, knowing that it will be someone else reading it!

Hewitt Homeschooling has many other great curriculums for all ages! Check out some of these by checking out the reviews of the other crew members right here!

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  1. Oooh, thanks for this great review! I LOVE seeing how the paper evaluation service works. NOw THAT looks like it's weight in gold when you get to the high school years.

    1. It was wonderful! While it was tough waiting the 7-10 days to get it back, it was worth it!

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