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It might be the start of summer, but for homeschool moms, this is the time to start the planning for the upcoming school year. One of the main things we need is a homeschool planner. So what kind of planner do you use? Well, in my house I use multiple, one for each child. And Ray Ray loves the Hey Mama! Schoolhouse Planner 2016-2017 from The Old Schoolhouse.

A Schoolhouse Crew Review

What Is It

This is a spiral bound print planner that you can easily use for one child or multiple children. This planner includes yearly and monthly calendars along with weekly panning pages. You also get Hey Mama! Letters, monthly, semester and yearly goal sheets, attendance charts, books read this year and curriculum planning sheets. This is just for mom, you also get writing prompts, story starters and some great United States help sheets for the students. And no planning is complete for high school parents if it didn't have the pages to help you make an academic transcript!


This planner is really everything that mom needs to make things work for the whole school year, no matter the child or the age/grade. The Weekly Planning pages are undated, so you start them when you want to! While this is for the 2016-2017 school year, we have already started to use this planner since we school year round. This is what makes it nice for our family, we are not trying to find a way to fill in those summer months with a planner that is only set up to follow the academic school year. We make this planner our own and use it as such!

How We Use This

Like I mentioned, we have a planner for each child. Each child likes a different kind. I like them all, so I don't mind. Ray Ray loves this Hey Mama! Schoolhouse Planner the best out of all three school aged kids, so I have decided to use him as my test subject!

Monthly Planning Pages

This planner is simple to use, all you need to do is start by filling in your dates for the week. Decide what days you will be doing lessons and what days you won't. Decide what subjects you need to work on that week and fill them in as well. Now you have a chart to fill in. What will you do each day for each subject. That easy! While I used it for one child, you can easily fit more than one child's assignments in each square.

Now that I have the week filled out, Ray Ray knows that he can come and take a look at what needs to get done each day for each class. I do not have to rewrite anything in a separate planner for him. He can write a list each day if he prefers, but he really just likes to see what he needs to do and get to it, usually last minute, but it gets done!

On my yearly calendars, I have marked the holidays that I know we will not have any school lessons. This gives me an overview of what I have to work with, when we want to plan breaks and when we need to work a little harder. Each month I am able to transfer any holidays from the yearly calendar over to the monthly calendars. I than add any appointments or other activities to the calendar for the month and start my weekly plans. I have everything in one place, with no worries about losing something.

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What We Thought of It

Ray Ray and I loved this Hey Mama! Schoolhouse Planner. I loved the Hey Mama! Letters. These simple little reminders are what have helped me get through the planning that comes with homeschooling. They remind me that I am not alone in the struggles or the joys. I love having everything in one place for Ray Ray and knowing that he can simply grab this planner and know what he needs to do.

Hey Mama!

Ray Ray loves that while this is my planner, he is able to be independent in his school. He doesn't have to wait for me to finish with the baby, he can just run and grab the planner and get to work.

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Hey Mama! Schoolhouse Planner 2016-2017 Review
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