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Our primary goal as homeschoolers is to make sure our child is ready for graduation. I never thought in a million years that we would be homeschooling through the high school years, but someone else had bigger plans for us. Because of this, we had to start planning for Moe Man’s graduation, and Homeschool Diploma was there to help with our standard diploma issue that we were worried about!

What It Is

The standard diploma from Homeschool Diploma is just that, a high school diploma. We wanted something more for Moe Man, so we looked at the Personalized Diploma and we were not disappointed! Moe Man is my very shy child. He does not do anything extra if he doesn’t have to. Because of this, he asked that I not make him dress up in a cap and gown. Homeschool Diploma offers cap, gown, tassel, and diploma. They also have an 8th Grade Diploma option as well.

How We Used It

Dad and I sat down and went through all the options available to us for customizing Moe Man’s diploma. We wanted this to be meaningful and not just the same old thing that everyone else was getting.

The personalization started with what size diploma we wanted. There were three size options, but we went with the 6 x 8 size. We continued on and were taken on a step by step process to make this diploma the one we would be proud to hand over to Moe Man, and one that he would be proud to receive.

We were able to choose the wording we wanted for our diploma, and having the option to have our faith be a part of this diploma was wonderful! I just love looking at this and seeing Godly wisdom and faith in Jesus Christ on my son’s diploma!

What We Thought

Dad and I were very impressed when we received the diploma. It was mailed to us in a resealable bag that will keep it safe until we are ready to present it, as well as after it has been given to Moe Man. Everything that I had hoped for was given to us, and more. This diploma is of high quality and is very formal. I am very excited to officially present this to Moe Man next summer when he finishes up his last couple of courses.

Like I mentioned earlier, Moe Man is not big on huge events. He doesn’t like being the center of attention. We are not planning a large ceremony because of this. We will be planning a graduation party with our friends and family, and on that day, Dad and I will proudly hand over the signed diploma to our oldest son, and that will be the ceremony, just as Moe Man wants it!

We love our son’s high school diploma. It is all we could ask and hope for. The team at Homeschool Diploma made it easy to order, and the shipping was quick. I look forward to using them again as each one of our kids graduates high school. And I look forward to using the cap, gown, and tassel with at least one of children if they will let me!

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