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When you are a homeschool mom to 4 and you have appointments besides school, you need to find a planner that will work for all your needs in one place. Homeschool Planet has done that for me with their Online Lesson Planner. 

Free Curriculum

Homeschool Planet is an online digital planner that allows you to not only plan your lessons for each child, but also their chores, and all your other appointments. You can view all of this in Calendar View, which is just as it sounds or Planner View which is a simple to-do list style. Each of these also has the option to be viewed by Day, Week or Month.

Homeschool Planet

Now, if you are like me and have 6 people in the house that you are planning for, you might have a concern about how much will be on the screen when you are looking at it. I was happy to find that I could view each person’s individual calendar as needed versus a very full one all the time.

Homeschool Planet

I found the actual setup of this program to be very easy. I could find simple step by step tutorials if I had a problem. I set up individual log-ins for Moe Man and Ray Ray, but we never did use this. I found that printing their calendar each week worked better for them. Little Miss was thrilled to have her own print out of her daily lessons and chores as well.

Homeschool Planet

Each week, I would plan the lessons and enter them into the program. I had some that I could schedule for the whole year because they were simple repeating lessons, but for the others I would do it weekly. If there was a day that we ended up missing, the program would give us an option to move the schedule forward instead of having to delete and re-enter everything. This was my lifesaver!

Lesson Plans

This year, Homeschool Planet now has the Lesson Plan Marketplace. This is a wonderful new addition that I have fallen in love with! Instead of me needing to plan everything out, I could simply click a few buttons and had Ray Ray’s math lessons set up for the year! When I got this all entered in, I realized that not only did they include the lessons from his math book, but also some fun activities from the Resource tab. These made his math lessons fun and not so boring.

Not only that, but I also grabbed the free Virtual Field Trip lesson plan and we have enjoyed visiting the National Aquarium, US Capitol, and Mark Twain’s Home so far! This lesson plan comes with everything you need to take a virtual trip to 6 different locations. The recommendation is to do one “trip” a week, and I loved having that be the thing to look forward to on Fridays.

What is really awesome, is that during the month of June, not only can you try Homeschool Planet for 30 days for free, but you can also get one lesson plan for free! Yes, I said free! This is only for the month of June and does expire on 6/30/2017, so be sure to hop on over and check it out before it is too late!

I love paper and pencil, but I also love not having to scribble and erase when life happens and our plans change. Homeschool Planet has given the freedom to easily change what needs to be changed and I can still print out the week for each child to have their own paper copy if needed. I really liked Homeschool Planet before, but now with the lesson plan option, I am in love! This online planner has made my planning work easier and for that I am forever thankful!

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