Homeschool Planet Online Planner ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

Homeschooling can be a mess. Honest sentence there. But if you have the right planner, your homeschool AND your life can be a little less stressful!

When looking for the right planner, you should stop by Homeschool Buyers Co-op and their Homeschool Planet. This planner has it all!

Homeschool Planet Planner Review

What Is It

Homeschool Planet is an online life planner. It is not just for homeschool, it is for everything! Homeschool Planet is a calendar that allows you to track your child’s homeschool classes, hours and grades. You are also able to add in your daily activities on the calendar so you have it all in one space.

Homeschool Planet has everything in one place to make your life that much easier. You are able to schedule your school year, plan your day to day life, and even make lists and add in chores for the kids, or yourself!

This is a fully online program. There is no downloading this and using it whenever you want to. You will need to have access to the internet, or print your day/week and scribble on the paper. To some this is a good thing, to others it makes things difficult.

How We Used It

I was excited to get picked for this review. I wanted needed something to help me figure out Moe Man’s high school schedule (I know, he is HIGH SCHOOL!!) and grades. I love paper and pencil, and love being old school, but I also know that I will need something a little more professional when it comes to the technology of today and what the schools will be looking for.

Knowing that, I wanted something that would let me track his daily schedule, what he did, what his grade was, and to be able to pull together a transcript at a moment’s notice. Homeschool Planet has all those options for me.

I would sit down and plan out 2-3 weeks at a time for Moe Man. I set it up so we would each get an email reminder of what needed to be done each week (on Monday mornings) and day (every morning at 8:30). These emails are optional, and you are able to set up frequency and time. I loved them because I didn’t have to remind Moe Man each day, he would get the email to his phone to tell him.

As the days would go on, if there was something that came up and Moe Man wasn’t able to complete the day, or a single assignment, I would be able to simple reschedule the whole plan ahead one, or more days and not have to do the leg work for it. This was a time saver for this mom who loves impromptu learning over lesson plans!

Homeschool Planet Planner Review

I would print the week out on Monday, and I would print two copies, one for me and one for Moe Man. He would be able to check off what he did as he did it and I would have a copy to write grades down on. I would than sit down and enter those grades in when hoping online. So, although this was an online planner, I was still able to do the paper and pencil thing with it!

What We Thought

I LOVED this…and this is coming from the paper and pencil, old school girl! I was able to adapt it to work on all levels. I didn’t do much on the whole daily schedule since it is summer and we don’t have strict plans, but we still have school (year round school rocks!). I foresee us using this different when fall hits and we go full time school instead of bare bones school. We used the grading, scheduling and lesson plans sections. I still have lots to learn, but with the help videos, I don’t have any worries about how quickly I will pick up on things.   

Moe Man has learned a lot from me, including his love of the paper and pencil method of things. When I print the weeks schedule out, he is in heaven because he can use this with his pencil and mark things off as he goes.

Homeschool Planet Planner Review

Overall, we both love this planner. This is a planner that I can see us using for the rest of his high school years and I don’t have to worry about not having the information that is needed for any of his future records!

What do you use for your homeschool records? Are you a paper and pencil person or do you love to use technology to its full advantage?

Homeschool Planet Review

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