I Can Study Alone With God 1 Samuel – A Homeschool Crew Review

I love finding a good Bible Study that can be used in multiple ways. I really want something that can work with the whole family, or something that can be done alone by any of the family members. I Can Study I Samuel Alone With God Bible Study (39 week study) NIV from Greek ‘n’ Stuff is just what I was looking for!

This Bible Study was written with the Middle to Upper Elementary ages in mind, but when we used it as a family, I was able to read the Bible passages and have everyone answer orally. This is a 39 Week Study that is broken down into 6 days a week, Monday through Saturday.

Each day is broken up into small daily tasks along with some simple questions to answer for the day. Not only that, but we have a memory verse to learn every week. This is marked at the beginning of the week and is listed in our daily list of what to do. I love that every day I know what to focus on and that we are reading the same thing every day during the week while digging further into understanding it.

During the week, we had extra questions that were on the side. These questions challenged us to look further into our reading and beyond to answer them. This was a great way to engage the kids and their minds into thinking outside of the words!

At the end of the week, we finish up with a Think and Pray About It section. This section will talk about what we learned during the week and see if we can relate. This section has simple sentences and the questions really do make you think about the lesson and if it applies to you.

While I could see Ray Ray doing this study on his own an benefiting from it, I decided that I wanted us to do it as a family. Before starting our day, we would sit down and read the Bible verse for the day and work on the daily questions as well as the memory verse. I would listen as the kids answered the questions orally and write down our answers so we could go back to them and refresh ourselves as needed.

While we worked on this, the kids had their Bibles open to the same passage, and would be able to follow along. This made it easy for the boys to be able to answer the questions, by simply looking back, but Little Miss had to think more since she doesn’t read yet. Some of the questions were easy enough for her to answer this way, and even the “tough” questions were not that hard for the boys to find, especially since after the questions it shows where in the passage to look for the answer.

We really enjoyed using this Bible Study. I love the way it is laid out. How we have Monday through Saturday with it. This gives us time with God every day since we have church on Sunday. I also love how much time we spend on each section. The kids love that there are not many questions each day and that we are able to easily get through the daily lessons, I won’t tell them how much they are actually learning in such a short amount of time each day if you won’t! We look forward to finishing this and already want to work on Acts next!

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