I don’t want to learn today!!

That is what my 12 year old said, as he was helping four year old G practice his writing skills and math. That was fine by me…what do you want to do I asked? I want to do a project. Got the perfect idea!!

I pulled out the lapbook for the Ancient Egypt unit, since we were finishing that up today anyway I had him work on that. He has never loved doing something so much!! He kept asking if there was something more he could put in there! Talk about not wanting to learn!!

After that was done and complete the two boys were playing together. I asked them if they wanted to make something for me. They did of course and I asked for a Lego Pyramid. Now you would think that would be something simple…only it wasn’t. They pulled out our library books and had to read about how they were built first, no learning there! Than they added a tomb and a mummy to the mix, of course they just knew that and didn’t learn it… I guess they knew that the mummy needed some food and jewelry to take with him to the next world, because they added that too. Oh, and who could forget the gate so nobody would come and steal anything, because boys just know that kind of stuff.

Now we have the problem of them not wanting to stop playing mummies and pyramids…so much for learning today. Oh well, maybe tomorrow!!