If He Had Not Come ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

”If I had not come and spoken to them, they would not be guilty of sin; but now they have no excuse for their sin.” John 15:22. This is the theme of the book, If He Had Not Come, a classic Christmas story by Nan F. Weeks, but reintroduced to a new generation by David Nicholson.

If He Had Not Come Schoolhouse Crew Review

David Nicholson has taken this beautiful Christmas story and put it back into writing with some just as beautiful pictures to go with it. Now, there are Christmas stories, and then there is this Christmas story. Although it is recommended for ages 6 and up, all three kids, Little Miss included, sat through the whole story and asked questions throughout.

What Is It?

A simple hard cover book is all this is. But the story that lies inside those covers makes this a Christmas treasure that I will be adding to our Christmas traditions! Yes, this is a very religious book on the true meaning of Christmas, and if you have children and a belief in Jesus, you will want to add this book to your collection.

If He Had Not Come Schoolhouse Crew Review

You start out reading on Christmas Eve with Bobby and his father. But when Bobby wakes up on Christmas morning, something is wrong…there is no Christmas. We are taken through the day without the reason for the season…it was an eye opener for our house, something we don’t think about. Yes, we think about Jesus on Christmas, yes the kids know that Christmas is Jesus’ birthday, but to actually think of the day without Him here…

Not only do you have this eye opener of a story, but David Nicholson also adds in some extras at the end of the book for families and Sunday School teachers. These extras include 6 Interactive topics (open-ended questions), 4 Going Deeper activities, The A-B-C of the Gospel Message and an extra special way to help celebrate Christmas.

How Did We Use It?

Even though it isn’t Christmas yet, we dove into this book and loved it. Ray Ray was asking questions before I could even get 3-4 pages into the book! We used this as a bedtime book one night, with all of us sitting together in the living room. We had just one problem with this…we all wanted to look at the pictures at the same time 🙂 Not a bad problem! After reading the whole book, we didn’t go to bed as planned…we talked and talked and talked some more. We all learned something, even if we thought we knew it all before. Between passing the book around and asking questions from the back of the book, we had a great bonding time.

If He Had Not Come Schoolhouse Crew Review The next day, we went into the Going Deeper section at the back of the book. I used this as a way to check Moe Man and his finding bible verses in the bible. We would talk about the statements, and then finding the supporting bible verses in our bibles. I liked this section of extras the most, since this is God telling my kids something and not me…they seem to take it more seriously than if I were to tell them without the bible in front of us 🙂

What Do We Think?

I have mentioned that we have a new Christmas tradition, so we think this is a great book. I loved the message that was sent out to us by the story. I love the pictures and I love the extras. I loved the book the moment I opened the package. So needless to say, I have all good to say about this book. The kids love all books, like me, but seem to be drawn to this book. They have found a new love of books about God, and to have this one in time for Christmas is perfect. Little Miss, being only 3, loved this book as much as her brothers, and Daddy even loved this book! I honestly think for only $18.95, every family should be sharing this book this, and every Christmas! My favorite part of the book? Bobby’s prayer on Christmas Morning “Lord Jesus, I am so glad You DID come.”

If He Had Not Come Schoolhouse Crew Review

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