Introductory Science from Science Shepherd ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

Oh Science, how I dread thee, yet all my kids love thee. So now what? What is a homeschooling mom to do? Well, if you are me you would look to Science Shepherd and their Introductory Science Level A.

Science Shepard Review

What Is Included?

For this review, we received the Level A Introductory Science Student Book and the corresponding teacher's guide along with one year access to the online video lessons. There are some simple experiments and activities included with this, but you won't use anything strange or hard to find.

How Does This Work?

I am so glad that you asked!! I love the simplicity of this curriculum. Ray Ray simply watches a short video lesson, they range from 2-8 minutes long, and answers some questions in his work book. These questions are not hard to answer, yet show whether or not the child was paying attention to the video.

Science Shepard

When they are done with the lesson, you can look over their work with your answer key. At the beginning of Level A (great for ages 6-8), I haven't had the need to use mine much, but as you move farther along, it will be nice to have the backup in case you are unsure.

Science Shepard

How Did We Use This?

This was such a fun and simple way for Ray Ray to learn about Science with a Biblical Perspective. The weeks are split up into 5 days, so we would simply follow along. There was no hard lesson planning for me. Simply write down which week we were on and go. We used this daily for the whole week. Ray Ray would find the week and day on the website, watch the video and do the worksheet. On the days when there was more, he would follow up with the video activity.

Science Shepard Video Act

The lessons and worksheets didn't take him more than 20 minutes a day, perfect for his attention span as a 7-year-old boy! When the video activities were present, it may take 25-30 minutes, but this still was not bad since it was an activity and not a lesson or worksheet.

Science Shepard

What Did We Think?

LOVE, it the first word I can think of! Ray Ray is getting his fill of biblical science, and I don't have to stress about it one bit! I don't have to be confused by the program and I don't have to worry about how to schedule this into our week. I just simply send him to the computer each day, keep my ears on what is being said. I love that a simple glance at the next week will tell me if I need to gather any extra supplies for the following week.

What Does Ray Ray Think?

"I like it, and the video activities that are included. It starts off easy, and is getting harder as I go, which means I am learning more! There is nothing I don't like about it."

Science Shepard

Our Final Thoughts

This is a curriculum we will continue to use in our homeschool day. The video lessons helps Ray Ray be independent, yet I am in the loop as to what he is learning and can step in when I need to. Ray Ray loves being in control and I have had to stop him from doing too many lessons at once! But in the end it is fun and educational, as well as easy to use!

Science Shepherd has more than just this one course available. Want to see more? Check out these other reviews with me and find a course that works for you!!
Science Shepherd Review

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