IQ Circuit – A Game Review

If you have been around Hopkins Homeschool for a bit, you know that we love to supplement our learning with games. Education doesn’t have to be boring, so we love to add games that make our brains work a little differently. We had the chance to review IQ Circuit from Timberdoodle. Check out what we liked most about this game!

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We received this game for free from Timerbdoodle in exchange for our honest review. We were not required to write a positive review. Find out more here.

What Is It

IQ Circuit is a single-player game that includes a case, ten double-sided game pieces, and an instruction book. 120 different challenges range from starter (easy) to wizard (expert). The age range for this game is 8 to adult. The goal of IQ Circuit is to create paths that will connect the dots.

IQ Circuit is a game that will help with concentration, problem-solving, and spatial insight. The instruction book starts by showing you some of the pieces and where they go, but by the time you get to the wizard (expert) level, you will only see the dots, and you need to figure out the pieces and placement. Each game progressively gets a little more complicated.

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How We Used It

Game usage in our homeschool doesn’t have a set schedule. If you get bored, you grab a game. You grab a game if you want something to do while listening to mom read. These single-player games come in handy for things like this. 

Ray Ray was the main player of IQ Circuit. He has been my crazy, outside-the-box thinker since he started walking, and I needed something for him to challenge his mind. He would sit down with the game while I read our daily lesson and worked through the different challenges.

I liked how Ray Ray would play IQ Circuit because he didn’t just go in order of the challenges. He would start with an easy challenge to warm up, but each challenge would be a more challenging level after that. 

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What We Thought 

We love IQ Circuit! We have a small collection of games from Smart Games, and we were thrilled to add IQ Circuit to our collection. These games hold up to multiple uses and multiple children. While they are simple to understand, they also challenge our minds.

I can also personally say that while this game was intended for the kids, I have found myself taking a break from my daily routine and playing this game also.

IQ Circuit is available from Timberdoodle and is included in their Ninth-Grade Curriculum package.

What are some fun games you have included in your homeschool?