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Kinder Cottage Publishing ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review


Peter Rabbit has some of the best stories…and lessons to learn. We have been blessed to be able to read two of Kinder Cottage Publishing’s Peter Rabbit stories. Little Miss picked out Peter Rabbit’s Christmas and Ray Ray picked out Peter Rabbit’s Easter. We apparently like the holidays in our house!

Kinder Cottage Publishing was started in 2012 by Howard and his wife Ann. They have a goal of creating and offering products that parents can use to educate their children with.

Little Miss was so excited to be able to pick out Peter Rabbit’s Christmas. This is the hardback adaption of the 1917 story written by Duff Graham and published by the Henry Altemus Company. This is the third of ten in the American Peter Rabbit series (different author same characters). Peter Rabbit was up to his fun again in this book. After Old Mother Rabbit went into town, Peter went out to explore. When he heard the sleigh bells, he was delighted to take a ride. After meeting Santa Claus and being sent home with presents, Peter is happy to announce that for once he didn’t get into trouble!

Ray Ray picked out Peter Rabbit’s Easter. Once again Peter is up to his adventures. Only this time, it is spring and he is heading to Farmer McGregor’s fields. After being chased into town and almost sold at the toy store, Peter is brought back home by a little girl and has gifts for his mother and sisters. This was another hardback adaption of the original 1921 book also written by Duff Graham and published by the Henry Altemus Company. This is the sixth of ten in the American Peter Rabbit series.

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The day we got these books in the mail was a tough day for us…we had been hit by a flu bug of some sorts and were stuck laying around. There was no school for us. But when the books came, we started reading them right away! What better way to help cure the flu, than to cuddle and read! But that hasn’t been the only day we read them. We love to pull these out at any time and enjoy them together. Honestly, who could get tired of little Peter Rabbit? Even though each of the little ones picked out “their” Peter Rabbit book, everyone enjoys both of them.

I am in love with these books. I loved listening to Peter Rabbit growing up, and I love reading Peter Rabbit now that I have kids. We enjoyed the pictures and lessons in these stories. I agree with the age of 3-9 for these books and have no complaints of the price of $4.00 each (they are 5×7 hardbacks and 50+ pages each!) Both Ray Ray and Little Miss were willing to sit through the whole story more than once. They loved the fact that the Peter was a rabbit and look at the neighborhood rabbits in a new way now. I recommend these books to anyone with young children. All kids should know about Peter Rabbit and these books are perfect! Right now if you use the code TOS you can get 20% off at Kinder Cottage Publishing.

You heard me mention that there are ten books in this series…but I only reviewed two of them. Check out these other ladies and what they have to say about the rest of the books!



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