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Learning a foreign language is fun! Teaching a foreign language is not always the best experience. Learning a foreign language is best done with immersion, especially for the younger ages. While I am not able to do all our school in Spanish, I can have fun with the Educator's Spanish Collection from Whistlefritz.


Included with the Educator's Spanish Collection you will find the Lesson Plans book, 5 DVDs, 3 music CDs and a card matching game. This is everything you will need to begin a great foundation of Spanish for your younger kids. This program is recommended for the Pre-K to Early Elementary grades or ages 1-7.

Spanish Videos for kids

While you could have your child learn without all the things included in this kit, these are all made to work together. Using all the items in the collection will reach each type of learning skill you can think of, visual, audio, gross motor and fine motor. Each one of the activities involved between the items in the collection work with each other to help your child learn and retain better.

We have decided to use one lesson a week from the Lesson Plans book. We started out first learning to greet each other. All the videos included will include the introductions and numbers, so the first few weeks you can watch any of the videos. The first week, Little Miss wanted to watch them all, and I decided that I would let her.

learn Spanish

After our first week working on introductions, I focused on one DVD and we would watch that one every day before our lesson. This allowed both Little Miss and Baby Girl to hear the words that were being spoken more than once. They could watch the DVD and know visually what was happening and use their minds to make the connection with the words that were being spoke, much like when they were babies and learned English for the first time!

Each of the videos run about 25-30 minutes long. They are not boring and the boys would often join the girls in watching them. They were completely in Spanish, with no English spoken at all. This was our immersion part of the day. Even with just a few years of high school Spanish years ago, I could pick up on some of the words and phrases as we repeated the video all week.

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The lessons work with the videos and are cross-curricular. We were able to take that one lesson a week and re-do it all week. We worked on greetings the first week, and are continuing that each week after before starting our new topics. From greetings to colors and numbers, we have been having a lot of fun with Fritzi learning Spanish!

On top of watching fun videos and doing fun activities to help us learn Spanish, we also have a fun matching card game to help us with our vocabulary. While Little Miss cannot read yet, the pictures help her to know what the words are.

While I cannot do the full lesson in Spanish, which would be an awesome form of immersion, I love that we are using what we learn throughout the day. This is not just a take the course, do the worksheet and move on with the day. This is a program that gives you words that you can use daily with younger kids. Even Baby Girl gets review each day just by watching the videos and siting with Little Miss. Hearing us talk the simple words has given her a head start in speaking the as well.

There are no drills, no worrying about grammar. Just having fun. The perfect way for kids to learn a new language, by having fun and listening to someone else speak the words!

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