Learning With Across the USA ~ A Fun Geography Curriculum!

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Thank you for joining Annette from A Net in Time and I as we blog through the alphabet! This week we are working on the letter L. I decided to look at the word Learning. This week we started learning with a new program called Across the USA.

Finding curriculum can be hard when you have too many choices at the tip of your fingers. All you need to do is jump on Pinterest and you will be able to search for days on end. How do you find what you need when you have so many choices to pick from? Well, I prayed about it, and found just what I needed right as it became available!

I have had the chance to take a look at the Across the USA geography curriculum from Annette Breedlove. I just have to say, wow! This is what I was missing!

Annette takes learning the geography of the USA to a whole different level. Instead of learning the states alphabetically, we learn them by region. Which one comes first? That is up to you! Pick the region you want and start there, simple.

There are 648 pages of self-paced curriculum geared towards children within the ages of K-6th grade. Each state is separated into the region that it is located. Included within this curriculum, you will also find pages full of state facts, maps for labeling what you learn, pages with the state flags, state birds and state trees. These are able to be colored and traced, depending on your handwriting style.

On top of all of this, there are notebooking pages…NOTEBOOKING PAGES!! I have fallen in love with this style of learning, and finding a simple, yet fun curriculum that includes these is a bonus in my book!

Are you looking for a supplement for your current geography curriculum? This is for you! Are you looking for a full geography curriculum? This is for you! Yes, no matter what you are looking for, this curriculum will fit your needs. There is enough here for a full curriculum, but you can also pick and choose what you need for supplementing what you are already using. This makes me happy. I am able to build on what is given to me if I want, or just give the basic information and be happy knowing that I am building a strong foundation this year to build on next year.

We are enjoying our time in the Northeast at the moment. The kids are busy working on their coloring sheets and I am currently hanging them up on the wall, but I look forward to when we move on and I can start a notebook for each one of them with the information they are learning!

Right now is the time to grab this if you want it! Why? Because right now is the special launch price! You are able to get this curriculum for 50% off!! You don't want to miss this great deal! Not only that, but you will also get a copy of Coloring Across the USA workbook with 150 pages of fun states coloring pages as a FREE BONUS if you grab this deal before it ends on April 9th.



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