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When looking at my state requirements, one of the subjects I need to teach is Geography. I know the basics, but how do I make it fun for my younger kids who need hands on and not a lot of reading? Finding that perfect homeschool geography curriculum doesn’t have to be hard, especially when you find Let’s Go Geography!

Let’s Go Geography is geared towards grades K – 4 and is a simple open and travel curriculum! I decided that I wanted to focus on Ray Ray with this review. While I knew that I could easily include Little Miss, I loved watching Ray Ray dig deeper on his own with this.

Each week is the beginning of a new travel. I get an email every week with a link to where we are going to go to next. There is a mixture of states within the United States, or other countries around the world. We love jumping around a lot, so this was perfect for us!

Each lesson comes as a PDF download. We found that with this, we did not have to print everything and used the computer or iPads to help us save on paper and ink! Also, by using the version on the computer, we were able to click on the provided links and view videos and links that are great additions to our learning!

Each lesson starts with a simple rundown of the basic facts of the state or country we are visiting. We move forward to some mapwork. This includes coloring the state or country. We are also given some simple questions about the country or state that we are able to answer with the maps we have just finished.

Not only are we just coloring maps, but we are keeping a travel journal of where we have gone. We like to add a few bits of information into it as we go besides the maps. Not only that, but we have a passport to record our travels.

This passport is one that you can print and go with, but we wanted room for all the flags we would be collecting on our journey. To make this happen, we opted to change the way we made our passports. We printed the pages, but not back to back. We grabbed some smaller composition books and applied our maps to the pages, with blank pages between them. This not only allowed us to apply each flag to the pages, but also to add a few bits of information about each country as well.

After this, we were free to explore the country or state. We would listen to the national anthem if it was a country and there were plenty of videos to show about the lay of the land. Ray Ray loved watching these. But we also used our library to find books on each state or country to learn more. While the actual lessons can be short and sweet, this is where we are able to make them more. Ray Ray loved reading and looking at pictures of the different countries and states.

Each lesson also includes a coloring page, craft and notebooking page to help fill in any needs you may have. We loved the coloring page, and of course the notebooking page would get filled out as we watched the videos and read the book and then added to our travel journal. Ray Ray loved flipping through this as it got fuller and sharing the travels he experienced with others in the house, or grandma. This helped him to remember what he learned by sharing it with others.

Another thing we added to our learning, was to look at the foods of the countries or states we were learning about. I mean, a preteen boy and food, how else could you win his heart? We loved trying new food from the Boston Baked Beans and Clam Chowder from the Northeast to Poutine from Canada or fried plantains from Haiti and even Gallo Pinto from Nicaragua. While not all were hits, the Poutine from Canada was our favorite by far! We have tried it two ways, one from a restaurant on a hamburger, the other from home, with a recipe from a Canadian friend. This is one that has been requested by the boys to be on the menu weekly!

Every 9 weeks, you get a break week! A week where you don’t have to do anything at all! This is great not only for a moment of rest, but also if you fall behind. If you have something come up one week, you can use your break week to catch up, no worries, no stress!

Not only do you get a break week, but there are review weeks as well! These weeks take what your child has learned and puts in together in one. I look forward to seeing if Ray Ray can remember the different countries when he is looking at an unlabeled map! I also look forward to learning some basic map skills, like the compass and my favorite, latitude and longitude!

Let’s Go Geography has been a great resource for us to add into our schedule. It doesn’t take a lot of time, but adds a lot of learning! We have loved the adventures we have gone on, and look forward to many more!

Right now, we are working through year one of three with this curriculum. We look forward to learning so much more about the world we live in. While I only have Ray Ray working on this right now, I plan to get Little Miss started very soon to work her way through this curriculum. This is a great way to add geography into the minds of children from a young age!

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    1. It works great for multiple ages! I will be adding Little Miss in soon, but wanted to make sure I had a good go with Ray Ray first.

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