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Every child loves to be able to take a break from the reading, writing and math some days. No matter how much they act like they enjoy it, or really do enjoy it, they still need a break. What if that break could include a video? MarshMedia has a library full of videos that cover puberty, hygiene, health, and safety which are now available to homeschoolers with their Homeschool Special.

Health  Videos for kids

MarshMedia has been providing these quality videos to schools and finding things like this for the homeschool community can sometimes be tough and time consuming. This Homeschool Special gives you 59 of their videos all in one place for one price. There is no more need to spend your time looking all over for them and paying who knows what for the ones you really want.

I decided to use these videos as part of our health units. While we have a set curriculum for the basic subjects, when it comes to the extras like health, I like to plan little unit studies to learn about different things at different times. Adding videos into the studies is a no-brainer.

Health  Videos for kids

Ray Ray is growing. He is no longer my "little" boy. In fact, he is busy growing faster than I would like to admit. Spending some time looking through the video library allowed me to find some that would be perfect in teaching him the beginning stages of puberty and what he is going through. Meet the New You – Boys is geared for grades 3-5 and is a great introduction into puberty.

Yes, I said that word, puberty. And yes, I said we used a video that was made with schools in mind. But no, it is not like the horror stories that you would hear about from social media and what kids are learning about puberty in school. While I have not watched all the videos yet, those that I have watched have met my Christian standards when it comes to teaching my kids. I think you will feel the same way. Of course, I still pre-watch them before allowing the kids to go at it.

Another video that I jumped at the chance to watch was Take Care of Your Teeth. This video is geared towards K-3 grades, but I would say more of the lower grades as Ray Ray felt it was kind of silly. This was a great way to talk with the kids about the importance of taking care of your teeth in a fun way. Little Miss really loved the silly Annie Funelli, and this was perfect to grab her attention to what was being taught.

Health  Videos for kids

Now, we have a little problem in our house, the kids don't always wash their hands. And if they do, they don't do it the correct way. Now I could sit in the bathroom and lecture them every time about how to wash their hands correctly, or we could a fun little study on it and use a video. Wash Your Hands is geared towards grades K-5, and this one is great for all those grades. It does not talk down to the students and does not use too big of words for the younger ones. Just the facts in a fun way.

Health  Videos for kids

The videos that we spent time watching range from 10-20 minutes, so they don't take much time. Each one is filled with valuable information and is geared towards the different ages. These ages are listed for each video and having those helped me pick out the videos I would want to look at further and those to wait on for now.

I am happy with the videos that we have had the time to watch so far. They are fun and full of information. They draw the kids in and make them want to watch them. In my house, and I am sure yours, this is a plus! I look forward to using more of these videos soon for some more of our health lessons.

MarshMedia has been focused on schools, and the homeschool community is their new venture. I am glad they have decided to let us have access to these videos. They are perfect for what we need them for. Since they are just starting out in the homeschool community, please be patient when you go to the page for homeschoolers. It may take a moment or two to load, but it will be there! If you wish to take advantage of the opportunity to introduce the MarshMedia curriculum to your home schooler(s) click on the link below for more information:

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