Memoria Press The Book of Astronomy ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

Stars, constellations and the motion of the earth. The simple and fun things of science. Why not learn about the skies above us and learn about it in an easy way? Moe Man has been doing just that with Memoria Press and the Book of Astronomy Set.


This two book set includes the student text and teacher's guide. I also found the weekly lesson plan available on the website. This set is geared towards 3-5th grades, but as a freshman Moe Man still loved this program and I even fell in love with it myself.

The main goals of this program is to teach your child the 15 brightest stars, the 12 Zodiac constellations and the 8 planets. These should be able to recited from memorization by the end of the program. Your child will also learn about the motions of the earth and how each constellation lies in the sky during the different seasons.


When you follow the Lesson plan guide for this program, you will be able to complete this whole program in about 30 weeks. We started off following this plan, but as with any homeschool subject, we have slowed a little to take the time that is needed for Moe Man to work on the memorization. He has surprised me with his love and interest, but I sorta knew he would take to this (long story, different time, different post). I was happy to know that I was right in knowing that he would love this.

Since this is geared towards the younger ages, I was able to let Moe Man do a lot of this on his own. I did take the time to go over what he was learning at least once a week, but for the most part, he was able to understand this and work on it at his own pace.

The teacher's guide shows you what the child sees, only you get to see the answers as well. This is nice for when you want to do a quick check on what they have done. Just open, compare and move on. The assignments are simple, yet effective. And working on the memorization each week builds confidence. No worries about memorizing everything at once, take it in sections one week at a time and build on what you know.


The student book has all your child needs to learn about the constellations. Yes, you could add more, but this book has all they need to complete the course and know what they are talking about. They learn about the new lesson, work on their memorization and proceed to draw out the constellations. They start with the basic stars, what they would see if they looked out of their window or telescope and they connect the dots. I feel this helps to show the constellations for when they DO look out the window or telescope. They are able to visually connect the dots after doing it on paper.

Moe Man loved this program, I loved this program. We love using this program. We have been using this program every day during the week, and I may or may not have seen Moe Man staring up at the stars on the weekends when we love to spend time outside. This means that he is taking what he is learning and bringing it into his everyday life.


We really loved this program and how fun it was to use. The lesson plans helped me plan things out, but they were not needed in completing the program. Moe Man loved this program. He loved how fun it was to do something other than writing assignments. He loved that he was completing the constellations and not just writing about them.

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