Memoria Press New American Cursive ~ A Homeschool Crew Review

Cursive, that long lost art…one that should not be a long lost art! Ray Ray has been using the New American Cursive: Penmanship Program I from Memoria Press and we are loving this new way of writing in our house!

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The New American Cursive book sells for $22.95. With that you get the spiral bound physical copy. The first couple of pages include a wonderful introduction, and a teaching guide. This is just the teaching guide, not an actual teacher’s manual. The teaching guide is enough to allow you to use this workbook to its fullest potential without losing out on any of the benefits. Memoria Press does sell a Lesson Plan set with extra practice pages, you do not need those to make New American Cursive work.

Within the teaching guide, you learn the proper posture, pencil and paper positions. These are all crucial in making sure you are able to learn New American Cursive. If you have issues understanding what the words are saying, Memoria Press has YouTube videos to help you actually see what they want you to do.

New American Cursive Homeschool Crew Review

New American Cursive has Mr. Meerkat as their mascot! Mr. Meerkat helps make the learning of cursive fun for the children. We begin learning with him on hold to hold our pencil and moving into the three basic forms of cursive writing. After learning about these, we move into practicing writing those. This makes for a great practice of pencil position.

When it comes to learning the letters, we are taught those letters in three ways. First we say the letter together. This way, your child can associate the letter to the name. After saying the letter, we move on to feeling it. Without the pencil, we feel the letter with our finger and trace it. After feeling the letter, we are than ready to write it.

New American Cursive Homeschool Crew Review

Now that we have learned the letter, we are able to practice it. They even throw in a word as we are practicing each letter. As fun as this is…I don’t like it. There are letters that have not been learned, and trying to write a letter you don’t know, makes you just trace it. This leads to tracing wrong and thinking that is how you should write it. I was able to see this right away with Ray Ray. He did not know how to make any letter but “a” and when he tried to write “apple” he was not writing the letters correctly. This makes me fear that he will struggle when we get to those letters.

New American Cursive Homeschool Crew Review

To finish each lesson/letter we get to do a fun exercise and artwork. Letter A had us exercising on the letter with Mr. Meerkat. The following letters let us learn how these letters can “hold hands”. Each page also contains white space…for your child to make their own artwork with the letters.

After every three letters, we get to do a review lesson. This is the time to make sure your child knows what they are learning. This is there time to show you what they know. It also helps them to make sure they don’t forget what to do for each letter.

Ray Ray loves using this workbook. He is so excited to learn the new letters and to write in cursive. He doesn’t like to print. He never has liked printing. When he was asked if he wanted to learn cursive, he jumped! New American Cursive is aimed at younger students and makes the learning fun and easy for them. When it comes to something like cursive, the easier it is to learn the better! This is something that everyone needs to learn. I love that Ray Ray is understanding and loving this learning process. I love that we are able to learn with Mr. Meerkat and not just mom. Seeing him work this hard and enjoy this is a wonderful thing for me.

I asked Ray Ray what he thought of the program. I got an answer of “Do I have to quit now that the review is done?” He was worried that he would not be able to finish learning. This is a good sign coming from a 6 year old boy who hates to sit still. Memoria Press has made a wonderful workbook to help children learn the long lost art of cursive.

Do you teach cursive in your homeschool? What age do you start?


Memoria Press Review



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